About The Multotec Group

For over 50 years, Multotec has helped the world’s biggest mining houses process minerals more efficiently, effectively and reliably.

Backed by recognised industry leaders in metallurgy and process engineering, our mineral processing equipment is used to optimise recoveries and reduce cost of ownership in mineral processing plants in 100 countries on six continents.

These products include:

By partnering with our customers over the lifecycle of their plant, we provide ongoing equipment and process refinement to achieve optimum plant efficiency that lowers your cost per ton.

Multotec is headquartered in South Africa, with full-service registered companies and manufacturing facilities throughout Africa, Asia, Australia and North and South America bringing us closer to our customers.

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Business expansion

Business Expansion

Learn about Multotec’s new and future business ventures as we grow our footprint in new markets and new industries. 

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Research and Development

Research & Development

Discover how the new, fast-moving technologies incorporated into our products and manufacturing processes are adding direct value to processing plants.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

We’re constantly investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment across our global facilities to meet the local needs of our customers.

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Social Responsibility

Multotec plays an active role in supporting local job creation and skills development initiatives in the areas we operate in.

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Multotec has branches, representatives and offices globally. We leverage this international footprint and global expertise in ongoing product development, feeding lessons learned from around the world into local innovations to ensure customised solutions for our customers’ operations.


Mineral Processing

Our core business revolves around the supply of products and services to the mineral processing industries. Our solutions are designed to enable plant-wide optimisation and increased processing plant utilisation to deliver overall process cost reduction.


Power Generation

We enhance power generation plant performance to enable a lower unit cost through an array of robust and reliable processing solutions. These include both raw coal transfer systems and P.F. handling equipment, which are easily installed and retrofitted as tailored process solutions.

Power Generation


Water treatment

Process Water Treatment

We provide mineral process water treatment solutions and a range of efficient extraction and purification technologies and processes, ideal for full-scale and mobile water treatment plants.



We offer onsite maintenance and installation on a contract basis to some of the largest chemical manufacturers of synthetic fuels and gases in the world. Our wear linings provide superior protection, engineered with a combination of rubber, steel, polyurethane and ceramics to form the optimal solution.




Defence & Security

Our Moh-9 body and vehicle armour products are used by law enforcement, military and defence agencies. These solutions provide ultimate protection against modern ammunition, while being a lightweight and cost-effective solution.

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