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Transfer Points & Chutes

Multotec’s impact resistant liners include hard-wearing plates for transfer points and chutes within a conveyor system, providing abrasion and impact resistance from transported materials, while preventing spillage.

Ceramic, steel or polyurethane liners can be installed as required by customer application. These liners are designed to offer maximum wear protection for each specific application. Multotec can supply custom-designed chutes and transfer points following a detailed needs analysis and wear audit.

Rubber wear plates can be supplied to suit any liner configuration. Rubber wear plates are available in standard thicknesses of 40 to 200 mm, with thinner plates available upon request. Steel backing plates facilitate the attachment of the liners and prevent the ingress of fines behind the liners.

Transfer Points & Chutes features:

  • Ceramics dependant on your application
  • Rubber thickness specified by your application, up to 200 mm
  • Composite liners for high impact applications
  • Designs and features to minimise spillage
  • Designed to suit any liner configuation
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Transfer Points & Chutes

Discover the technology and innovation behind the Multotec Multocano Chute Solutions.

Multotec’s impact resistant liners include hard-wearing plates for chutes within a conveyor system. They provide abrasion and impact resistance from transported materials while preventing spillage.

Ceramic Quick Fit Panels

Multotec Ceramic Chutes Modular Chute Solutions

Achieve maximum wear protection for your plant’s transfer points & chutes with Multotec.
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