AG Mill Liners

Suitable for all AG mill applications, Multotec’s range of rubber and rubber composite liners reduce downtime through superior impact resistance.

Rubber and Rubber Composite liners are suitable for autogenous mills handling run-of-mine rock. MultoMet and HD MultoMet linings can be supplied for AG mill operations treating harder or more abrasive ore.

We design our products by combining computer simulation results and inspection data to optimise charge trajectory and wear life, and decrease downtime. The rubber compound used in our lining components is formulated to provide a combination of good impact and high wear resistance, ultimately increasing product life.

  • Suitable for all autogenous mills
  • Available in a wide range of designs, dimensions and profiles
  • Rubber liners designed for fast installation time

Multotec pays special attention to the design of the discharge arrangements due to the large diameter of the AG Mills.

Reduce downtime and increase linear wear resistance with our AG Mill Liners.
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