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Siebtechnik centrifuges include filtration, sedimentation and hybrid centrifuge types, covering the widest range of solid-liquid separation applications in many industries, including mining, chemical, pharmaceutical and food & beverage processing.

Siebtechnik centrifuges dewater large amounts of solids to low final moistures, and are compact and energy-efficient. A correctly configured and specified Siebtechnik centrifuge reduces the cost of downstream thermal drying, and can even render it unnecessary, allowing huge energy savings.

Our range of Siebtechnik Industrial Centrifuges:

  • Industrial Decanter Centrifuge
  • Conturbex Screen Scroll Centrifuge
  • Vibrating Screen Centrifuge
  • Pusher Centrifuge
  • Conthick Centrifuge
  • Turbo Screen Decanters
  • Twin Cone Decanters
  • Short Bowl Decanters
  • Centriflex Laboratory Centrifuge
  • Turbo Cascade Sliding Centrifuge
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Siebtechnik: Market leaders in fine and ultrafine Solid/Liquid Separation technology

Siebtechnik sets the worldwide benchmark for high-efficiency, reliable, fine screening products. Siebtechnik centrifuges are renowned for their quality, long service lives, their ease of use and their versatility and multi-functionality.

For almost 90 years, Siebtechnik centrifuges have supplied leading solutions for the treatment of mineral bulk solids and solid/liquid separation applications in many industries.

Siebtechnik is well placed on a strategic level throughout the globe. It leverages over 3 000 employees in over 50 countries to understand and provide optimum solutions for a worldwide market and the many different applications you find within it.

Siebtechnik centrifuges at a glance

Siebtechnik centrifuges are manufactured by Multotec under licence, or are imported from Germany. Because Multotec has the process knowledge to cover each customer’s solid-liquid separation project, each Siebtechnik centrifuge is custom-engineered for the specific operational parameters of the application they will be used in.

The Decanter centrifuge is the largest Siebtechnik centrifuge. The high-quality engineered design of this Siebtechnik centrifuge stands up to the most severe and arduous operating conditions, ensuring maximum service life, high separation efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements.

Siebtechnik’s first horizontal/worm screen industrial centrifuge, Conturbex, was introduced in 1948. Quickly becoming a global leader in separation technology, it has developed into a versatile solution that can be used in a wide range of separation applications. You’ll find these Siebtechnik centrifuges in chemical, bulk goods processing, food and beverage products and environmental industries.

The Conthick Siebtechnik centrifuge is an extension of the Conturbex design, with the addition of a pre-thickening decanter for high-efficiency separation of low concentration slurry and high fines recovery where a clear centrate effluent is paramount.

Another hybrid centrifuge from Siebtechnik is the Turbo Screen Decanter. It exposes solids to very high G-forces, and, with a larger surface area and diameter screen, facilitates increased washing capacities of slurries on thinner cakes.

The new Siebtechnik SHS/ZK Pusher centrifuge is enhancing the operation, performance and cost-efficiency, with comparative tests showing a 50% greater capacity and lower final moistures than equivalent competitor models. Siebtechnik’s design combines cylindrical and conical screening for improved capacity over conventional 2-stage designs. Siebtechnik’s Pusher centrifuge is available in both single- and multi-stage designs.

Siebtechnik centrifuges are available across Africa through Multotec, the mineral processing specialists.
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