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Trommel Screeners

Trommel screeners from Multotec provide effective material separation at the end of your grinding mill, with a range of hard-wearing, high-impact and abrasion-resistant screens available.

Our range of trommel screens comprise rubber-lined steel frame and replaceable screening surface. We size and customise our trommel screens to suit your application. Our standard screens range from 950 to 5 500 mm in diameter, and 1 200 to 6 000 mm long with a mass of 800 to 30 000 kg.

As a fully-customisable screening solution, the screening media can be assembled as a dual media screen, to produce a two-fraction material grading, as well as hydraulic or mechanical self-propulsion.

All our trommel screeners are designed using the latest Finite Element Analysis (FEA)techniques. The screen is designed and assembled according to such application parameters as load on the screen, the oversize, particle size distribution, solids SG and operating conditions.

Trommel Screener benefits:

  • All sub frames are vibration and thermal stress relieved
  • Weld are NDT tested
  • Trommel screeners are sized in diameter and aperture as required
  • Dual sizing in a single trommel
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Our Trommel Screeners:

Trommel Screeners with Modular Panels

Our trommel screens with modular panels cater for applications from high impact to high abrasion. Various scroll and weir bars can be fitted to provide a trommel screener best suited to your operation.

Mill & Scrubber Trommel Screeners

Mill and scrubber trommels enhance the productivity of your mineral processing operation, providing efficient screening and washing functionality with durable, rubber-lined screen frames and replaceable surfaces.

Large Trommel Screens with Cast Polyurethane Panels

Our large trommel screens have a diameter larger than 2 500 mm. They are constructed from heavy-duty cast polyurethane panels that are either bolted or pinned into position.

Modular Polyurethane or Rubber Screen Panels

Our modular polyurethane or rubber screen panels are fully customisable with weirs and scrolls to offer enhanced control of the movement of the feed material across the trommel screener.

Self Driven Trommel Screeners

For high-capacity screening applications, our self driven trommels can be driven either via hydraulics on a shaft at the end of discharge, or propelled by a motor and supporting wheels

Double Trommel Screeners

Double trommels provide a dual material grading operation within a single trommel screener installation. Different sized apertures on an inner and outer screen array provide an efficient grading instrument for dual fractions.

Multotec has unmatched process knowledge and experience to the mineral and solid-waste processing industries since 1982!
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