Wear Resistant Linings

Multotec is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial ceramic, cast basalt and other composite wear linings. We have been active in research, design and manufacture of these products since the early 1980s.

In bulk materials handling, wear within the conveyance apparatus is a source of high maintenance and the costs associated with upkeep and downtime. Multotec’s wear resistant liners enhance the component life of your conveyance hardware and equipment to maximise the performance and profitability of your plant.

The high wear-resistant properties of alumina ceramic is utilised in both tile and pipe lining solutions to provide optimum plant component protection. Ceramic lining can be engineered to offer resistance to both wear and impact.

Multotec offers sophisticated design and engineering capabilities of both standard and custom wear linings, installation and project management, as well as abrasion and wear audits of existing wear linings.

Our Range of Wear Resistant Linings

Cast Basalt Wear Resistant Material

Cast Basalt Wear Resistant Material

Fit your plant with maximum hardness lining for enhanced wear resistance

Yellow Belly Liner

Yellow Belly Liners are rubber wear resistant linings with a yellow compound that acts as a wear indicator. A visible yellow means a wear li...

Rubber Wear Plates

Rubber Wear Plates

Our rubber wear plates, available as standard and profiled, are easy to install for use in both wet & dry applications. They maximise the li...

RubCer Composite Wear Products

RubCer Composite Wear Products

Embedded ceramic in rubber bases provide enhanced wear and impact resistance for plants.

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How Multotec can boost your plant performance and lower costs

Multotec can design, manufacture and install a performance-enhancing process solution specific to your needs. Multotec’s wear resistant linings will enhance your plant’s resistance to wear and corrosion, extending performance over its lifespan.

We provide peace of mind with real-time supply, installation, asset management and flow sheet solutions with emphasis on plant availability, and service support to mines, project houses and a growing OEM client base.

Local Innovation, Global Presence:

Multotec has branches, representatives and offices globally. We leverage this international footprint and global expertise in ongoing product development, feeding lessons learned from around the world into local innovations to ensure customised solutions for our clients’ operations.

Enhance your plant’s performance with Multotec’s wear resistant linings!
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