Chemical Industry

Multotec has supplied petrochemical, power generation and mining industries with its range of wear resistant linings for over 40 years.

Our approach to chemical processing:

Our wear linings provide superior protection of your mineral processing equipment and are:

  • Engineered with a combination of rubber, steel, polyurethane and ceramics to form the optimal solution
  • Skilled engineers assemble ceramic tiles piece-by-piece to prevent  trammingand turbulence to ensure even flow

We offer onsite maintenance and installation on a contract basis to some of the largest chemical manufacturers of synthetic Fuels and Gas in the world.

Our wear linings are used in coal processing plants around the globe!

We can line highly abrasive areas such as chutes, ducts, screen under pans, mills and pipes with our highly wear resistant alumina ceramics that features no chemically reactive properties. Our solutions reduce the risk of sliding abrasion, keeping your plant running more efficiently, for longer

More than 90% of Eskom’s Fuel Lines in South Africa are protected by Multotec’s ceramic tiles – contact us today to discuss your chemical processing concerns!
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