Conveyor System Solutions

Multotec’s conveyor system solutions are proven to reduce downtime and belt slippage. These conveyor systems include:

  • Multolag™, a direct bond ceramic pulley lagging system that reduces belt slippage on drive and non-drive pulleys
  • MATO conveyor belt systems, including cleaners, clamps, cutters, fasteners and accessories which ensure fewer belt stoppages and downtime
  • Rubber loading points, for conveyor transfer points in place of conveyor idlers to minimise ore bouncing and spillage

Each product in our conveyor belt system solution range works to increase the lifespan of your loading points. This is achieved by absorbing the energy of ore transfer, and providing superior wear resistance with our range of Multolag™ ceramic products. 

  • Low friction reduces wear
  • Facilitates increased plant availability
  • Reduces downtime and operating costs
  • Belt tracking easily maintained
  • Long product life reduces overheads
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View our Conveyor System solutions:

Multolag™ Pulley Lagging

Multolag™ Pulley Lagging

Multolag pulley lagging comprises ceramic drive and non-drive pulley lagging that does not wear, reducing downtime.

Loading Points

Loading Points

Loading points from Multotec reduce material bouncing and spillage, prolong conveyor belt life with low friction impact bars.

MATO Conveyor Solutions

Multotec Lacing Systems

MATO Conveyor Solutions from Multotec include belt cutters, clamps,. lacing systems, belt cleaners and accessories.

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About MATO: 

MATO, a Multotec Group company, is one of the leading conveyor systems manufacturers and produces belt conveyor systems that help increase conveying uptime at your plant.

  • MATO is the only manufacturer and supplier of the MATO mechanical conveyor belt fasteners in Africa.
  • The MATO system is the preferred choice in most mining and materials handling operations worldwide. 
  • MATO Products manufactures conveyor belt fastening clips at its South African plant using high quality technology from its German partner. 
  • The manufacturing plant has the only machine of its type on the continent – 1 of 3 in the world. 
  • A number of accessories have been developed to supplement the conveyor belt fastening system. 
  • MATO Products is supported by an experienced global technical team dedicated to the sale and service of our technologies in the field, including a return and repair service for all accessories. This includes accessories for conveyor belt repair and conveyor belt splicing.
  • MATO’s solutions for conveyors can be used on most conveyor belt types, including those for mining equipment, material handling conveyors and industrial conveyor belts.
  • Belt conveyor parts and conveyor components are held in stock for fast order to delivery turnaround times.
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Mato Ceramic Pulley Lagging

Our MATO Conveyor Solutions:

Lacing System

The range includes manual lacers, lacing beds, lacing pins and fasteners / clips for conveyor belts.

Conveyor Belt Cleaners

A full range of diagonal cleaners for underground and plant applications, primary conveyor belt cleaners and secondary conveyor belt cleaners.

Conveyor Belt Cutters

Keep any downtime related to belt repairs to a minimum and eliminate the safety risk of using utility knives with MATO one- and two-way belt cutters.

Conveyor Belt Clamps

A strong, robust construction, MATO Belt Clamps are used daily during conveyor belt maintenance and/or conveyor belt extensions

Conveyor Belt Accessories

A range of accessories for conveyor belts including: conveyor belt clamps, conveyor belt cutters, conveyor belt grips, conveyor belt skivers and Alba Tirfos.

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Benjamin Sibanda

Your specialist in Process Equipment

Sibanda, Managing Director of MATO Division, has been in his current position heading 16 staff and a two-shift system production plant since March 2015. His qualifications include: N4 in Electrical Engineering (1996), Production and Operations Management (2003); Basics of Production & Inventory Management (2005); Principles of Production & Inventory Management (2007); Management Fundamentals (2013); Leadership Development (2014); and Management Development (2015).

International mining houses such as Glencore Xstrata, Anglo Coal, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto use Multotec equipment to reduce running costs and optimise plant performance.
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