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Armour Plates

Moh-9 ArmohTec and TMRP-6 ceramic armour plates are manufactured with 98% and 99% alumina oxide ceramic (Al2O3), exclusive to Moh-9, a division of Multotec Wear Linings (Pty) Ltd.

The robust and lightweight ceramic armour plates provide protection for a wide range of applications including security, police & military forces for body, vehicle, aircraft, ship, & other industrial protection.

Get superior protection for your assets with customisable, ISO 9000:2000 accredited armour plates that are:

  • Harder & lighter than steel, ideal for applications with weight restrictions
  • Made with ballistic-grade materials
  • Locally manufactured to maintain competitive prices
  • Ideal for commercial & military use
  • Accommodating to male & female anatomy
  • Completely customisable (length, thickness, & shape)

These armour plates are designed in response to modern ballistic requirements to provide effective protection against all modern ammunition from handguns and rifles, including high-velocity armour-piercing bullets.

ArmohTec armour plates for vehicles

Get your bulletproof components for civil & military protection from Multotec. Available worldwide.Enquire now

Our armour plate range

Moh-9 ArmohTec ceramic armour plates

ArmohTec Ceramic vehicle armour from Moh-9 features:

  • Hexagonal, rectangular, square & custom/irregular shaped tiles
  • A range of standard sizes (10 to 150 mm) & thickness (3 to 50 mm)
  • Customised length & thickness available on request
  • Supplied loose or laid out in complete ETO/bespoke panels
  • Lightweight & cost-effective
  • Higher purity than plates used for wear lining

Our 98% and 99% aluminium oxide (Al203) ceramic armour plates are available as monolithic body armour and vehicle armour.

ArmohTec Body Armour

Our ceramic armour plates represent the latest wearable bullet-proof technology for personnel, delivered as a monolithic, low-weight solution that keeps the wearer unencumbered.

We supply these armour plates in various shapes and sizes (single-, double- and multi-curved; as well as SAPI plates). The thickness of the armour plates ranges from 3 to 15 mm. Additionally, our body armour range can accommodate male and female personnel.

ArmohTec Vehicle Armour

Our alumina-based armour plates are an effective defence against all sorts of modern bullets. They are a cost-effective, simple solution for any vehicle in military, law enforcement, and security applications

These armour plates are available in hexagonal, rectangular and square tiles in various sizes (10 to 150 mm) and thickness (3 to 50 mm), and can be supplied loose or engineered-to-order for your application.


TMRP-6 ceramic armour plates

Light-duty armour for body, aircraft, VIP and other light vehicle protection makes use of monolithic and multifile ceramic composites. Medium-duty ceramic armour plates are suitable for medium calibre applications (12.7 up to 23 mm). Heavy-duty ceramic armour plates are used for protection against both kinetic and chemical attack up to 125 mm. This includes High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) and Anti-Tank Guided Weapons (ATGWs).

TMRP-6 ceramic body armour plate features:

  • Hexagonal, rectangular, square & custom/irregular shaped tiles
  • A range of standard sizes (20 to 300 mm) & thickness (3 to 50 mm)
  • Customised length & thickness available
  • Almost 50% lighter than conventional steel armour
  • Various grades of alumina ceramic materials including 99% aluminium oxide (Al203)
  • Zirconia toughened alumina options available
Get standard or customised robust & lightweight armour plates delivered to your door, today.

Our Moh-9 ArmohTec and TMRP-6 technology

Our ceramic plates are manufactured in our Pretoria based factory. Extensive research is conducted in collaboration with internationally recognised institutes to continuously develop and upgrade our materials and manufacturing processes to meet the requirements of emerging ballistic challenges.

Moh-9’s 99% alumina oxide ceramic (Al2O3) armour plates micronize fracture cones of impacting projectiles to dissipate the force, protecting a wide range of assets across a range of applications. Our ceramic plates are harder and lighter than steel of the same thickness. When the ceramic plates are used in conjunction with complementary composite materials, the plates offer superior protection in comparison to traditional steel plates alone.

Our high-quality ceramic armour plates offer:

  • High resilience & fracture durability
  • High Young’s modulus compression levels
  • High sonic velocity capacities
  • Low weight per area

We’ve developed armour protection products for over 35 years! Our experts can customise armour plates to suit your application so you can ensure optimum ballistic protection for your personnel and vehicles. Our ceramic body armour range also includes anatomically correct designed for male and females.

More than 70% of Moh-9’s products are used worldwide by police, private security forces and military personnel. It is especially well known and respected in the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

Moh-9 Armour Ceramics has access to various ballistic test facilities that adhere to local and international standards such as the American NIJ Standard and the European CEN Standard. Multotec also tests their products, ensuring they fulfil customers’ specific requirements.

Testing includes:

  • Ballistic testing that incorporates a modern ballistic proof tunnel with proof calibres up to 40 mm
  • Various blast & long-distance tests
  • Ultra-high-speed photography, flash X-ray & crater bottom velocity analysis facilities


ArmohTec Body Armour
ArmohTec Body Armour
ArmohTec Body Armour
ArmohTec Body Armour
ArmohTec Vehicle Armour
ArmohTec Vehicle Armour
ArmohTec Vehicle Armour


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