Engineered Ceramic Solutions

Whether you’re in the mining, mineral extraction or power generation industry, Multotec manufactures a complete range of engineered ceramic solutions for your wear requirements.

Our engineered ceramic products provide wear solutions for pipe elbows, cyclone cones, cyclone head inlets, square-to-round corners, distributor and sumps.

  • Cut into any shape , incl. unique and complex shapes
  • Easy installation, maintenance and replacement
  • A smooth glassy ceramic surface reduces friction for better flow
  • Suitable for wet and dry processing applications
  • Highest protection against abrasion and corrosion
  • Wear protection up to 1 000° C

Multotec’s engineered ceramic solutions provide a complete range of ceramic wear resistant tiles that extend the wear life of your mineral processing equipment and offer wear resistance up to 1 000° C. Multotec engineers its ceramic wear solutions to order according to individual customer requirements.

Our global wear lining teams will conduct a full complete on-site wear survey to determine which ceramic wear lining solutions will best suits your application.

Custom-Designed & Engineered

Ceramic tiles from Multotec are the most cost-effective liner for high wear applications. Our engineered ceramic solutions improve material flow and reduce wear with strong, flexible solutions – ultimately reducing your plant’s overall cost per ton.

Engineered ceramic tiles are pressed with chamfered sides and then cut precisely, while still in their green state, to the required shape. This ensures that gaps between the tiles are minimised and wear is reduced.

Each tile is especially designed for its place in the complete tile kit, ensuring a very tight fit with minimal space at the joints. Tile widths are selected to provide a smooth internal surface, the end result being a long lasting wear surface.

Multotec’s impact resistant liners include hard-wearing plates for chutes within a conveyor system. They provide abrasion and impact resistance from transported materials while preventing spillage.

Multotec Ceramic Chutes Modular Chute Solutions

Multotec Pulping Chute

Multotec is your complete supplier of ceramic wear solutions designed and engineered for your needs.
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