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Rubber Linings

Rubber linings from Multotec provide the ultimate in wear resistance – protecting your mineral processing equipment from impact and abrasion caused by your process materials!

Our range of noise-reducing rubber linings form part of our wear solutions and mill and scrubber linings offerings that are trusted by the world’s largest mining houses to reduce wear and increase process efficiency.

All rubber linings can be monitored by our Hawkeye™ condition monitoring software! 

Benefits of our Rubber Linings versus traditional Steel Linings:

  • Less wear results in longer life with substantial cost savings
  • Reduced downtime at both initial installation and replacement
  • Reduced weight resulting in less wear on bearings and reduced energy requirements
  • Resilient material makes it user-friendly and safer to handle, reducing the risk of injuries
  • Excellent sealing properties reduce risk of flushing behind lining and eliminate leakage through bolt-holes
  • Clogging of Grate Plates virtually eliminated, resulting in increased throughput
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Rubber Linings from the Mineral Processing specialist:

Mill and Scrubber Linings

Designed from rubber or rubber composites to provide wear resistance according to your application requirements!

Range includes: Shell Plates, Lifter Bars, Head Plates, Grate Plates, Pan Lifters, Trunnion and Bell Mouth Liners, Central Cones and Filling & Corner Segments

Click here to view the full PDF brochure for Multotec's Mill and Scrubber Linings

Rubber Wear Plates

Available in a range of sizes up to  1 260 x 1 320 mm and 1 000 x 2 000 mm to suit your rubber lining configuration.

  • Thickness from 40 to 230 mm
  • Includes steel backing plate
  • Hole diameters are 30, 50 and 75 mm
  • Holes can be drilled to any pattern

Click here to view the full PDF brochure for Multotec's Rubber Wear Plates

RubCer Composite Wear Products

Rubber linings and ceramic resistance in one innovative wear solution!

  • Ideal for applications with intermediate angles of impact
  • Ceramic shapes include: cylpebs, blocks and hex tiles
  • 302 x 302 mm and installed in a 305 x 305 mm grid
  • Non-standard sizes can be cut for chute sides

Click here to view the full PDF brochure for Multotec's Rubcer Composite Wear Products

Choose a process partner who will work to lower your cost per ton.

RubMet Composite Wear Products

RubMet comprises Hardox 500 steel sections embedded in rubber linings.

  • Designed for extremely aggressive wear applications
  • For medium to large ore particles
  • Can be installed in the impact area only for reduced costs

Loading Points

Used at conveyor transfer points in place of conveyor idlers.

  • Low friction impact bars secured to a mild steel frame
  • For high energy-absorption with 10 mm thick Multoslip low friction polyethylene top cover

Click here to view the full PDF brochure for Multotec Loading Points

Monitored by Hawkeye™ Software

Hawkeye ™ is a Multotec-developed web-based system that captures and records wear and life for your rubber lining!

  • Accurately predict the next change-out date
  • Reduce the chances of unplanned stoppages
  • Software that indicates where rubber lining design changes can be made

 Noise-reducing properties of rubber linings:

  • When a rubber lining has a thickness of 40 mm, it is able to reduce noise levels to the point where the use of earplugs is avoided!
  • Rubber linings are able to decrease sound radiation from material impacts and abrasions
International mining houses such as Glencore Xstrata, Anglo Coal, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto use Multotec equipment to reduce running costs and optimise plant performance.
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