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Screening Equipment

Multotec supplies screening equipment to cater for any mineral processing application! From single screen panels to double trommel screen configurations, we have screening equipment to suit your mineral processing requirements.

Our screening equipment is trusted by mining and mineral processing companies across the world for their lower wear rates and high screening efficiencies.

Over 600 mines in Africa alone rely on our mineral processing equipment to increase processing efficiencies and lower operating costs.

All Multotec mineral processing screens are manufactured in-house at our 43 000 m2 facility in Johannesburg. This means that we quality test every screening system we manufacture!

Why choose Multotec as your Screening Equipment specialist?

  • Our screens are injection moulded or hand castin a combination of high-quality materials
  • With specialised aperture configurations, our screening systemsreduce pegging and blinding
  • Our TeePee™ screen panelsare 50% more effective than standard dewatering panels
  • All screening equipment wear is monitored with Hawkeye™ condition monitoring software

Multotec screening equipment is suited to all aspects of mineral screening, from heavy-duty to ultra-fine mineral processing. All screening equipment features tailored thickness and aperture sizes according to your process flow sheet requirements.

Multotec is a leading Screening Solutions provider for the global minerals processing industry.Contact us

Our Screening Machines and Equipment:


  • Screen Panels: Modular screen panels lower downtime and increase drainage capacity while providing high-wear resistance. Available in rubber, polyurethane, wedge wire or combination.
  • Trommel Screens: Installed at the end of grinding mills and scrubbers. These screens are rotary drum material separators for screening and grading without vibration.
  • Sievebends and Statics: A specialised screening system that utilises both polyurethane and wedge wire materials to improve process efficiency and reduce your overall cost per ton.
  • Centrifuge Basket: Multotec distributes and installs Optima centrifuge baskets to increase uptime by providing high resistance to corrosion and abrasion.
  • Interstage Screening Equipment (CIP/CIL):  Achieves accurate cut points and minimal blinding with symmetrical seamless wedge wire cylinders. Ensures even wear and increases your application’s life by reducing costs with CIP/CIL Interstage screening.

Screen Frames & Rail Systems:

This securing system delivers an enhanced housing solution for your screen media, tailored to your throughput specifications. Screen frames are available for both static and vibrating screens.

Screening Machine Accessories:

Reduce downtime and improve productivity to contribute to a lower production cost per ton with our range of accessories.

Our accessories extend the versatility of your screening equipment. Our range comprises polyurethane flood and spray nozzles, designed to reduce wear rates and provide a longer operating life.

Enquire now to extend your screening system to a wider range of applications, from fine mineral processing to coarse dewatering applications.

Condition Monitoring System:

Our patented Hawkeye™ condition monitoring system captures and records screening equipment wear data and indicates design improvements. This web-based system monitors component wear during operation and analyses this data to facilitate an accurate prediction of the next change-out date and reduces the chances of unplanned stoppages in your operation.

Screening Machine Systems:

Our screening systems cover all aspects of mineral screening: from a range of flexible and durable screen panels, innovative sub-frames where only worn panels need to be replaced (Saddle Top™), right through to self-driven trommel solutions.

Multotec products are engineered to optimise costs, lifespan and efficiency of mineral beneficiation plants.
Multotec products are engineered to optimise costs, lifespan and efficiency of mineral beneficiation plants.
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