Pulping Chute


This new innovation from Multotec helps you significantly lower costs and reduce downtime in your ore washing and scrubbing process.

The Multotec Pulping Chute is a scrubbing apparatus for scrubbing ore material in a carrier liquid, removing unwanted materials such as mud, clay and slime from the surfaces of the ore. It's used as a replacement for a scrubber in the secondary scrubbing unit.  

With no moving parts, and by using the potential kinetic energy of a slurry load, the Pulping Chute provides mineral processing plants with a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional scrubbing apparatuses and methods.

It features an inclined scrubbing launder, in which a number of slurry deflectors are positioned to create turbulence sufficient to agitate the unwanted material from ore. These deflectors are optimised according to your ore and process characteristics for maximum scrubbing efficiency.


Top Advantages of the Multotec Pulping Chute

  • Less breakage of diamonds
  • Less power consumption compared to scrubber drives
  • No need to replace shell every 5 years
  • Greatly reduced CAPEX spend
  • Longer liner life
  • No moving parts
    • Save on maintenance
    • Save on electricity
    • Safer to maintain & operate
    • Ideal for remote locations
    • Reduced spare stockholding
    • Improves safety
Improve your ore scrubbing and washing efficiency with the Multotec Pulping Chute. Contact Us.

A modern scrubber alternative

Fines scrubbers contribute significantly to capital, operating and maintenance costs of a mineral processing plant. Scrubber operations require a large supply of power, and significant mechanical component maintenance, lubrication and costs of replacement. By simplifying this process, operations can become more cost-effective and plant availability improved.

8 features of the Multotec pulping chute

  1. Low resistance time through pulping chute
  2. Increased throughput
  3. Low operating costs
  4. Cleamer product
  5.  No drive units
  6. No lubrication system
  7. Reduced noice
  8. Less rigging requirements

Learn how the Multotec Pulping Chute cleans unwanted materials from your ore.

Pulping Chute benefits

Some of the advantages of the Pulping Chute over a conventional scrubber include:

  • Scrubber drive motors normally range from 200 to 600 kW depending on the size of the installation. Pulping chutes require no external power to operate. Material movement and washing is achieved through the use of potential and kinetic energy. 
  • Maintenance costs will be noticeably less than a scrubber installation which operates with complicated drive mechanisms and demands regular maintenance and causes plant downtime.
  • Scrubber linings must be replaced on an annual basis whereas the pulping chute liners could be repaired as and when required by simply removing and replacing of chute sections on a service exchange basis.
  • Removal of a scrubber requires expert rigging and well-trained rigging crews whereas small sections of the pulping chute can be replaced during normal maintenance periods.
Improve your ore scrubbing and washing efficiency with the Multotec Pulping Chute.
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