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Industrial Cyclone

Achieve superior classification in all mineral processing applications with Multotec’s range of industrial cyclones. Our cyclones provide maximum separation efficiency and wear life, whatever your cut point requirements. 

This industry-proven range of classification, dense medium and tailings dam hydrocylones has helped optimise hundreds of industrial applications worldwide, from food processing, manufacturing, wastewater treatment and mineral processing. 

  • Achieve optimum centrifugal forces & cut points with specialised sizing software
  • Improve capacity and reduce wear rates with scrolled evolute design
  • Reduce downtime with innovative weep holes
  • Reduce turbulence, product misplacement and spillage 

Optimise maintenance with abrasion and heat resistant liners Multotec is your complete cyclone manufacturer, with industry-leading solutions, spare parts and on-site services provided quickly and conveniently form your local Multotec branch.


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Classification Cyclones

Our classification cyclone separator range is used across the world in density separation applications.

High-capacity classification cyclones are made with a steel shell and lined with rubber or ceramic as required by your application.

Dense Medium Cyclones

Cast Iron Dense Medium Cyclone

The ultimate in alumina tiled cyclone design! Our DM cyclones provide max. separation efficiency and wear resistance in harsh applications.

Tailings Dam Cyclones

Tailings Dam Cyclone

Our GV Cyclones are designed for use in tailings dams, optimising tailings management. These cyclones weigh just 45 kg, with a 220 mm ID and 20° cone angle.

Cyclone Distributors

Cyclone Distributors

Cost-effective, highly-efficient and long-lasting, our wide range of cyclone distributors accommodates between 2 and 62 cyclones.

Cyclone Accessories

As one of the world’s leading hydrocyclone manufacturers, Multotec supplies a complete range of hydrocyclone parts, including hydrocyclone liners.

Get your hydrocyclone spare parts quickly and conveniently at your local Multotec branch. Liners, spigots, valves, adapters and more!

Cyclone Spares

Cyclone spares

Multotec manufactures spares for every single part of its DMS and hydrocyclone ranges, amounting to over 10 000 producible cyclone spares.


Sized to your process requirements

Using specialised cyclone sizing software to achieve optimum centrifugal forces and cut points to precise requirements, Multotec’s process team selects and sizes the ideal cyclone for your application requirements. 

As world-renowned cyclone manufacturers, Multotec’s engineers have the expertise to custom design and manufacture cyclones to your exact specifications.  Multotec customers are able to make use of the Multotec Online Sizing application software, which allows them to size their own cyclone. Multotec double-checks all self-sizing requests to ensure the most appropriate cyclone for your industrial processes.

The scrolled evolute design

Through extensive testing and simulations, Multotec’s scrolled evolute design is proven to have has a higher capacity when compared to other inlet configurations.

This scrolled evolute design significantly reduces vortex finder wear. The result is high efficiency cyclones as the particles now follow the natural spiral trajectory. The scroll section also facilitates natural particle separation before they enter the classification zone.

Weep holes

Weep holes are used to drain the material that falls between the cyclone liner and cyclone shell. Weepage usually indicates that the liner is damaged. Weep hole use extends the life of hydrocyclones’ steel shells and reduces unplanned cyclone stoppages. They also reduce the frequency of internal hydrocyclone inspections, as cyclones without weep holes will require regular liner inspections

Prolonging The Life Of Cyclones
Cast Iron Cyclone Flanged Vortex Finders
Cast Iron Dense Medium Cyclone
MAX Dense Medium Cyclone

Multotec industrial cyclone services:

Condition monitoring:

Multotec’s condition monitoring products for cyclones include:

  • Hawkeye™: Condition monitoring web-based software extends cyclone component life by indicating where design changes can be made.
  • MultoScan: a laser monitoring device primarily for mill liners but can be paired with Hawkeye™ for liner life historical data.

These innovative condition monitoring products help increase your cyclone’s service life. These solutions are also used across various industries to monitor their cyclone wear solutions. Some benefits of monitoring the condition of your cyclone wear liners include:

  • Preventing unplanned downtime
  • Easy wear rate inspection
  • Indicating areas that could benefit from design improvements 
  • Reduced manufacturing waste 

Sizing software:

Multotec has developed software to size cyclones correctly. CY-i Cyclone Sizing Software provides Multotec customers with a scientific, structured approach to selecting dense medium cyclones or classification cyclones.

Customers achieve appropriate cyclone selection by using input variables within their plant configuration to determine their ideal cyclone configuration. The software facilitates:

  • matching the cyclone to your specific application, and
  • communication between the process requirements and the software itself.

Test work capabilities:

Multotec undertakes test and development work on classification cyclones and other processing equipment, as well as samplers and wear solutions.

Our in-house test work capabilities allow us to:

  • Test material behaviour on equipment according to conceptual design
  • Determine if material can be upgraded to customers’ requirements
  • Indicate the expected yields and recoveries 
  • Evaluate potential valuable material loss
  • Record material behaviour abnormalities on equipment 

Field Service maintenance:

To help ensure equipment longevity and superior product performance, Multotec cyclones are backed by extensive field service and maintenance agreements.

Our skilled field services teams have a full understanding of global mineral processing challenges. They conduct regular field service and maintenance site visits, preventative maintenance and lifecycle management to ensure your mineral processing operation is functioning to its full potential.

  • Site inspections and maintenance
  • Plant optimisation
  • Anywhere in the world

Technical capabilities:

Multotec provides technical assistance to cyclone and other mineral processing equipment customers. This specialised assistance aids with cyclone and cyclone equipment selection, delivery accuracy and both hot and cold commissioning.

Whether for your hydrocyclone, cyclone distributors, spares or accessories, Multotec customers benefit from:

Plant & Process Audits: helps reduce costs by improving operational efficiencies and increasing equipment life.

Plant & Process Optimisation: expert design capabilities, condition monitoring software and plant audit data helps optimise plants and processes.

Equipment Retrofitting: Multotec equipment is designed so it can be retrofitted onto established equipment or into existing operations.

Design Capabilities: Multotec incorporates the environment, material types, workforce and other influencing factors into its equipment and plant designs. 

Multotec’s 4-start turn adapters have a new generation 4-start thread that includes the traditional single start thread requiring a single turn to remove the spigot.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why use a cyclone?

Cyclones effectively and selectively concentrate slurry particles in a process that separates and classifies them. It is a simple process that separates slurry mixtures so that larger particles leave through the hydrocyclone’s underflow. The remaining water and fine particles exit through the overflow.

The precision in the classification process extracts even the finest precious minerals, preventing waste and the natural force generated by the shape of the cyclone reduces energy consumption. Waste prevention and low energy costs contribute to better returns.

How do cyclones work?

Cyclones are integral products to process minerals effectively. Their cylindrical top and conical base create a vortex, in turn creating a centrifugal force. It is this centrifugal force that separates and classifies the various size particles by forcing lighter particles through the top overflow and larger solid particles exit via the bottom underflow.  

What is the use of a cyclonic separator?

Removing particles from an air, gas or liquid streams through vortex separation without any filters is the function of industrial cyclone separators. 

Who invented the cyclone separator?

Initially called a cyclonic separator, it was patented in 1885 by the American John Finch. Designed for use as a dust collector”, the technology found wider industrial appeal by offering large scale separation in factories or mills during the 1900s.

What components make up a cyclone?

An industrial cyclone has no moving parts and is made up of a vertical cylinder with a conical bottom. The cylinder is closed at the top with only enough space for the vortex finder (liquid overflow pipe) extends into the cyclone body.

Whatever your application, Multotec Industrial Cyclones will help improve your efficiency.
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