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Defence & Security Industry

Multotec has partnered with law enforcement, military, and defence agencies since the 1980s, providing leading Moh-9 amour protection products, body and vehicle armour.

Our approach to defence and security:

We aim to supply products that will protect those who protect others. To this end, we supply our armour protection products that are constructed from specialised Moh-9 ceramic materials.

Ceramic materials are an extremely cost-effective and powerful solution to meet the new requirements against modern ammunitions, such as lower weight and more effective protection against, for example, armour-piercing bullets.

Benefits of our defence and security solutions:

  • Tailored for body and vehicle armour
  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • Powerful protection against modern ammunition
We are committed to protecting those who protect others. That’s why we will customise a body or vehicle armour solution to your application.Contact us today to find out more.

Moh-9 Body Armour

Available in various shapes, sizes and thickness, they are supplied as single piece ceramic in 3 variations and are effective against most modern ammunition. Tailor-designed shapes on request.
View body armour details

Moh-9 Vehicle Armour

Low-weight and cost-effective vehicle armour used by military and police internationally. Various sizes and thicknesses available supplied loose or laid out. Conforms to shapes.
View vehicle armour details

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