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Sizing Screen

Multotec’s high-quality, durable sizing screens are customised to suit your requirements, delivering a wide range of wet and dry screening solutions to all your mineral processing applications. 

Our sizing screens optimise your feed material separation by achieving your precise cut point requirements, maximising your processing plant efficiency and quality of product.

With a complete range of screen panels, trommels and sieve bends, frames and rail systems and accessories, Multotec is a leading screening media technology solutions provider for the global minerals processing industry.

  • Increase plant capacity & achieve higher quality products
  • Achieve your exact particle size and output specifications at the lowest cost per ton
  • Ideal for coarse, heavy-duty or ultra-fine mineral applications 
  • Manage and analyse data from your deck maps and plan for maintenance with Hawkeye™ 
  • Improve equipment wear life

Across the globe in 100 countries, Multotec’s local engineers and metallurgists work with mines to optimise their processing efficiency and costs. 


Extend your sizing screen wear life with condition monitoring from Multotec.Find out more


Screen Panels

Screen panels

Offering a complete range of modular compression- and injection-moulded rubber, polyurethane, wedge wire, ceramic & steel screens.

Trommel Screens

Trommel Screens

Delivering ultimate impact and abrasion resistance for mill, scrubber and self-driven trommels, our screens are suited to your application requirements.

Static Screens

Static Screens

Used worldwide, our customised static screen decks deliver optimised media recovery, dewatering and de-sliming trash removal applications.


Frames and Rail Systems

Frames and rail systems.

Complete range of screen frames, including box, bolt-down, dewatering and side tension frames and rails for static and vibrating screens in mineral processing plants.

Screening Media Accessories

Cast Iron Dense Medium Cyclone

Polyurethane flood and spray nozzles, delivering flow rates of up to 40 m3/hr, for all wet screening, ore washing, medium recovery, slimes removal & more.


Increase availability and optimise maintenance with Condition Monitoring

Multotec offers a range of innovative condition monitoring products, designed and manufactured to extend the lifespan of your mineral processing equipment while lowering maintenance costs. 

Our condition monitoring products give you real-time, actionable data to monitor your wear rates against your productivity, protecting your equipment from damage and minimising downtime.

Benefits of our condition monitoring products:

  • Prevent unplanned downtime
  • Inspect wear rates
  • Indicate design improvements 
  • Reducing manufacturing waste with pre-determined sizing


Hawkeye™ is a condition monitoring web-based system developed by Multotec that captures and records wear life data for your sizing screens.

Prompting inspections and indicating where design changes can be made to extend the life of components, Hawkeye™ also prevents unplanned stoppages. Simple item display and mine stock codes allows for easy component ordering and monitoring.

Hawkeye™ features:

  • Extensive plant monitoring
  • Efficient planning
  • Reduced downtime
  • Accurate data capturing

Hawkeye Condition Monitoring Electra Mining Africa

Multotec’s advanced Test Work Services use innovative technology to optimise your process now and in the future.

Improving your process with R&D and Test Work 

Multotec’s research and development (R&D) refines existing technologies and develops new products to maintain exceptional quality and performance standards. 

Our R&D programme focuses on improving product speed to market; high levels of product consistency and reliability; OEMs assuming the role of solution providers; and the recycling of customer’s products at the end of their working life.

Complementing our intense R&D efforts, we provide test work capabilities, delivering 3D equipment prototypes and testing equipment efficiency. 

Commodities supported by our advanced test work capabilities include Chrome, Coal, Copper, Gold, Iron Ore, Mineral Sands, Platinum, Lithium, Chemical Salts.

Our research and development efforts are coupled with test work services to optimise your process now and into the future.


Technology and Test Work

Using cutting-edge technology and R&D we deliver advanced test work services that follow principles of:

  • Innovation: beginning with concepts and ideas, developing those into research, design, manufacturing, pilot testing, prototyping, installation and modification, repeating until commercialisation takes place.
  • Verification: application of new equipment is tested to ensure value is added. This includes product improvement testing, comparing old and new, as well as paid testing for customers from exploration to process optimisation studies. Equipment application testing verification is conducted in customers’ own countries where possible.



Screen Test Work

Multotec developed a screen test rig for screening media product development, optimising screening media selection according to client requirements. 

The rig consists of 3 platforms:

1. Vibrating screen test platform for: 

  • Slurry drainage tests
  • Wet and dry sizing tests
  • Product development tests 
  • Plant screen simulations

2. Static screen test platform with adjustable inclination for drainage tests

3. Sieve bend screen test platform for drainage tests

Laboratory equipment for screen test work consists of several Multotec customised test rigs designed to improve development cycles. 

Our test rigs can be adapted to assist clients with rapid prototyping such as:

1. Flotation rig to test elastomer wear surfaces on wet ends
2. Wear abrasion rig to compare sliding abrasion characteristics of various metals in wet and dry environments according to ASTM 65 test requirements
3. Trommel rig to test screen surfaces, scroll designs and feed arrangements
4. Drain test rig to better understand screening properties in a controlled environment

Meet your mineral processing goals with our field maintenance and advanced technical capabilities.

Multotec is committed to your mine

Multotec’s sizing screens range is supported by extensive field service and maintenance agreements, extending wear life and achieving optimum product performance. 

With over 50 years of global application experience, maintenance management and a mobile workforce of highly skilled field technicians, our services teams bring leading mineral processing maintenance. 

We conduct regular field service and maintenance visits on site, anywhere in the world. Using preventative maintenance and lifecycle management, we ensure your mineral processing operations and equipment perform to their best abilities.

Leading Technical Capabilities and Support

Our sizing screen range is accompanied by leading technical solutions and the highest levels of support.  

We provide technical support such as assistance in suitable equipment selection, delivery accuracy, and both hot and cold commissioning. We also offer complete plant, process and equipment audits, at clients’ request.

Our success can be accredited to the advanced level of application knowledge and the technical expertise of our personnel, with years of experience in the mineral processing industry. Vastly skilled and qualified engineers, all considered experts in their diverse fields, are responsible for conducting audits and implementing tailored solutions.

Multotec offers equipment retrofitting services to both new and existing mineral processing operations. Utilising our advanced drawing office resources, we ensure the simple and easy installation of new equipment, extracting maximum value from your mineral process. 

Multotec’s technical and design capabilities offer:

  • Optimised applications & processes
  • Increased process efficiency & production rates
  • Reduced overheads & downtime 
  • Customised solutions & innovative product development


Our sizing screens come standard with application and industry understanding, refined engineering and field service maintenance.
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