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Sedimenting Centrifuges

For all your centrifugal sedimentation requirements, sedimenting centrifuges from Multotec allow for continuous operation, and provide efficient separation of even the finest solids.
Engineered by internationally renowned SIEBTECHNIK TEMA, these continuously working solid-wall scroll centrifuges are imported from Germany.  

Functional and versatile, the sedimenting centrifugal machines deliver near complete clarification of the liquid phases. They provide the following advantages:

  • Continuous operation
  • Flexible drive concept
  • Minimal, simple maintenance
  • High machine availability
  • Separation of the process and driving units


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Decanter Centrifuge

Our classification cyclone separator range is used across the world in density separation applications.

Suitable for very fine solids & ideal for all particle sizes, available with single or double shaft drives.

Short Bowl Decanters

Cast Iron Dense Medium Cyclone

Single bearing overhung design for all dewatering applications with excellent access to rotating parts.


Operation and Applications

Decanter Centrifuge

Operating on the counter-flow principle, the suspension to be separated is introduced in the centre of the bowl.  The difference in speed between the worm (scroll) is achieved by a high performance gear unit, driven by V-belts. 

The range consists of the TS Decanter Centrifuge, DZ Decanter Centrifuge and DZS Screen Decanter Centrifuge, which are frequently used to reduce water levels  in products or waste streams and increase plant production efficiency. 


Typical applications decanter centrifuge applications for centrifugal sedimentation include:

  • Polyvinyl Alcohol 
  • Polyolefines - PE - PP
  • PP
  • Lactose
  • ADU
  • Graphite

Short Bowl Centrifuge

These centrifuges are designed as overhung-mounted. The special geometry of the rotating parts makes them suitable to separate fine solid particles with a specific gravity that is very different from the liquid phase and high temperature applications. 

The short bowl centrifugal separator can separate fine solids when the specific density difference is greater compared to the carrier liquid, and is used for solids of adequate particle size and settling rate within the available residence time in the machine. 

Its short design has also been successfully used for the classification of some solids and typical applications include:

  • Alpha-Gypsum
  • Fluegas desulfurization gypsum
  • Graphite
  • Lactose
  • Fryer oil
  • Fish meal


Did you know?

Sedimentation principles

Sedimentation is the propensity for suspended to settle out of the fluid in which they are contained to rest against a barrier. This is achieved via their motion through the fluid which responds to the forces acting on them. Solid/liquid applications in the mineral processing industry generally make use of centrifugal acceleration to achieve sedimentation. Application dependent, other methods used for sedimentation in various industries are gravity and electromagnetism.


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