Technical Capabilities

Multotec’s extensive product offering is supplemented with our provision of optimum technical solutions and the highest levels of support.  We provide technical support which includes the assistance of appropriate equipment selection through to delivery accuracy, and both hot and cold commissioning. In addition, comprehensive plant, process and equipment audits are carried out at clients’ request.

Our success can be attributed to the high level of application knowledge and technical expertise brought to the group by our highly qualified and technically proficient personnel, with years of experience in the mineral processing industry. Highly skilled and qualified engineers, all considered experts in their specific fields, are responsible for conducting audits and implementing tailored solutions.

Multotec also offers equipment retrofitting services to both new and existing mineral processing operations. Multotec utilises its advanced drawing office resources to ensure that its equipment seamlessly fits into your process, capable of extracting maximum value within your mineral processing application.

Benefits of Multotec’s technical and design capabilities:

  • Optimised applications and processes lead to increased efficiencies
  • Problem areas are identified and overcome resulting in reduced overheads, increased uptime and increased production rates
  • New information contributes to innovative product development
  • Custom designed solutions developed to improve customers process efficiencies

Technical Capabilities:

Click on the links below for detailed information on Multotec’s range of technical capabilities.

Plant & Process Audits

Holistic audits on plants and processes for mineral commodities improve operational efficiencies and increase equipment life, ultimately reducing costs.

View Plant & Process Audits details

Plant & Process Optimisation

We combine our extensive design capabilities, condition monitoring software and plant audits in order to achieve overall plant and process optimisation.

View Plant & Process Optimisation details

Equipment Retrofitting

Multotec is able to retrofit its equipment into and onto both existing mining operations and established equipment.

View Equipment Retrofitting details

Design Capabilities

Get maximum value from your mineral processing equipment with our specialised design capabilities.

View Design Capabilities details


Site visits, extensive design capabilities, condition monitoring software and plant audits are part of our technical capabilities services.
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