Plant & Process Optimisation

Multotec is made up of a team of highly skilled and experienced process engineers and technical sales personnel who have years of experience in the minerals beneficiation industry. Together they are able to pair and apply Multotec’s renowned mineral processing equipment to the exact requirements of your application.

No matter how specialised or standardised your application, Multotec is able to plug its products into relevant circuits or customise its machines in order to extract maximum value from your processing application. To this end, Multotec offers its customers a lifetime partnership for total plant and process optimisation – geared towards getting more value while lowering your overall cost per ton processed.

The technician for your application!

Multotec employs personnel who are customer-focused and specialists in their field. This means that application and process knowledge is appropriately imparted into the respective industries through optimal specification of the correct product to best do the job.

We then combine this aspect with our extensive process flow sheet knowledge to form customer partnerships that extends over the Life-of-Mine via continuous improvement feedback loop systems.

Although the Life-of-Mine feed conditions will change, technology will improve and new R&D will come up with improved performance ideas and/or products. It is Multotec’s stated aim to ensure that all of these improvements are continuously installed on the mine in order to best extract value.

Both our capital and consumable ranges of products are underwritten by Service and Maintenance teams that have been strategically placed to ensure a responsive reaction that is both skilled and experienced, assisting in closing the feedback loop to ensure that all products manufactured extract maximum performance to ensure a value add to the process.

Enhance your mineral processing efficiency with Multotec.
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