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Ceramic Pulley Lagging

Ceramic pulley lagging from Multotec provides significant advantages over other pulley lagging systems and, in many instances, advantages over other manufacturers of pulley lagging. When used with drive pulleys, for example, our ceramic pulley lagging improves traction and, when used on non-drive pulleys, provides a low friction surface.

This is made possible because, for the drive pulleys, the studded tiles’ high co-efficient of friction reduces belt slippage between the ceramic-lined drive pulley surface and the conveyor belt surface. On the other hand, for non-drive pulleys, the smooth or polished surface provided by hard ceramics mean less resistance and minimal friction, contributing to reduced wear.

These qualities, and others, are found in Multotec’s specialised ceramic pulley lagging solution, Multolag™ Pulley Lagging. Multolag™ is designed as a direct bonded, wear resistant cover, that is maintenance-free, applied to pulley shells on both drive and non-drive pulleys. This tailored ceramic pulley lagging option from Multotec is available in 7 mm and 13 mm lagging thicknesses, ensuring you get the correct thickness for your application requirements.

See how Multotec can enhance your plant performance.

Multolag™ features: 

  • Experience increased uptime with stud rounded edges that prevent belt undercover wear
  • Achieve enhanced processes with dewatering grooves that facilitate dirt and water dissipation
  • Maintain productivity with minimal maintenance – all that is required is hosing down your drive pulley. This method ensures there is no loss of traction.

Multolag™ benefits: 

  • Multolag™ ceramic pulley lagging doesn’t wear under normal operation
  • Maintain belt tracking easily due to ceramic lagging surface consistency
  • Repair localised pulley lagging damage without replacing a complete set of ceramic pulley lagging
  • Both operating costs and downtime are reduced

Significant unplanned downtime and the associated cost implications can be a result of conveyor belt spillage, insufficient water shedding, poor traction and inferior wear properties. These can all occur as a result of conveyor belt slippage, which can be prevented with ceramic pulley lagging. In addition, the potential dangers arising from conveyor belt slippage, like carcass and splice damage, can be critical, and the risk of fire increases the more slippage continues. All and any of these could result in a failure on the plant.  

Achieve your mineral processing goals with ceramic pulley lagging from Multotec.
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