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MATO, a member of the Multotec Group, is South Africa’s only manufacturer of mechanical conveyor belt fastening systems, and supplies an extensive and high-quality range of belt products to large-scale mining and materials handling operations in Africa.

The MATO clip machine in Spartan, Johannesburg, is one of only three in the world, and the only one operating outside of Germany.

All products in the range are an industry standard in global mineral processing operations, where they provide reliable, efficient and safe conveyor belt solutions in some of the toughest mineral applications.The MATO range includes:

  • Lacing Systems
  • Two-way and one-way Belt Cutters
  • Belt Clamps
  • Conveyor Belt Cleaners 
  • Conveyor Belt Accessories
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View our MATO Conveyor Solutions:

MATO EasyFix Eco Kit

Splice conveyor belts quickly & easily onsite using your own personnel. The EasyFix Eco Kit for conveyor belt splicing from MATO.

MATO Conveyor Belt Accessories

The full range of MATO Conveyor Belt Accessories, including Belt Clamps, Belt Cutters, Belt Grip, Belt Skivers and Alba Tirfors.

MATO Lacing Systems

Multotec Lacing Systems

MATO Products supplies a range of conveyor belt lacing systems including lacing beds, lacing pins, fasteners/clips and manual lacers.

MATO Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Remove carryback from your belt with the MATO range of conveyor belt cleaners. View our range here.

MATO Conveyor Belt Clamps

MATO Conveyor Belt Clamps

Used to help maintenance personnel safely prepare conveyor belts for splicing in tough mining applications.

MATO Conveyor Belt Cutters

MATO Conveyor Belt Cutters

Cut any PVC, rubber or ply conveyor belt quickly and safely with MATO one- and two-way belt cutters.

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Additional info on our range of MATO Products:

MATO Lacing Systems:

MATO manufactures lacing machines, conveyor belt fasteners, lacing pins and lacing beds as part of its lacing systems range.

  • Lacing machines, available with Manual, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Lacers, cover the full fastener range from belt thicknesses 5 to 18 mm thick.
  • MATO Belt Fasteners provide tensile strength up to 3 500 kN, for strong, reliable belt splices.
  • MATO Lacing Pins are manufactured in both armour stainless chrome steel lacing pins and 19/7 stainless steel.
  • The MATO Lacing Bed is available in a wide range of sizes to suite the required belt width, from 900 to 2 200 mm.

MATO Conveyor Belting Accessories:

MATO Products stocks the full range of MATO conveyor belt accessories, including belt clamps, belt cutters, belt grip, belt skivers and Alba Tirfors.

  • 3-Ton Belt Clamps, tested to 9 tons of tension
  • 1-Way Belt Cutters and 2-Way Belt Cutters deliver straight and even cuts, and are safe and easy to operate.
  • Belt Grips “KORWE” for belt thicknesses from 5 to 18 mm.
  • Belt Skivers are used globally by operators for planing off the top covers of the belt.
  • Alba Tirfors, with solid steel construction complying with the most stringent underground regulations.

MATO Conveyor Belt Cleaners:

MATO Products supplies the complete range of MATO Conveyor Belt Cleaners for the materials handling and mineral processing industries. MATO diagonal cleaners can be used for plant and underground applications.

  • MATO Diagonal Cleaners are ideal for use in the protection of tail or return pulleys. They come with a self-adjusting system designed for fast and easy blade changes.
  • Our primary cleaners are available in various polyurethane grades, ideal for underground mining applications.
  • MATO Secondary Cleaners use the latest cushion and blade slide designs for accurate, efficient belt cleaning.

MATO belt cleaning systems ensure the blade is always in contact with the belt. Quick-change slide blades reduce belt downtime and tail-end cleaners feature a no-maintenance, self-tensioning system.

Professional installation of MATO U24 fasteners with a vice. The best connection for agricultural and baler conveyor belts

MATO Belt Cleaning Systems

International mining houses such as Glencore Xstrata, Anglo Coal, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto use Multotec equipment to reduce running costs and optimise plant performance.
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