MATO expands facilities as it grows its market

The new MATO in-house spray booth improves turnaround time, quality control and cost to customer.

The growing popularity of the MATO Products’ expanded offering has led the company to boost its service and repair facilities. 

Andrew Frank, Operations Manager at MATO products, highlights the recent completion of the new spray-painting booth, which has doubled the firm’s capacity to finish refurbished items. Well-known as a leader in conveyor belt lacing, the Multotec subsidiary also offers a range of belt cleaning solutions

“To keep up with market demand, we have expanded our spray booth significantly in terms of size and throughput capability,” Frank says. “It can now accommodate components up to a length of 2.2 meters and provide a more productive environment for operators.”

This now allows for all repair and finishing work – even on the longer diagonal belt cleaners – to be spray-painted in-house, he says. Importantly, this improves turnaround time, quality control and cost to the customer. 

“We pride ourselves on the functionality and longevity of our products,” he says. “We base this on our technical quality in repairing and refurbishing equipment to ‘as-new’ specifications. Upgrading our facilities ensures that we continue doing this as cost-effectively as possible, as our customer base grows.”

Complying with the highest standards of health and safety, the new spray booth is equipped with the latest filtration technology. This ensures that fumes and chemicals are filtered before air is expelled from the building. A powerful fan unit enables an extraction capacity of 18 000 cubic meters per hour.

“Health and safety are key imperatives in the Multotec Group, and we have ensured that the new system consistently improves our working environment. Spray painting is associated with several health and safety factors which must be considered, and our new spray booth is fully compliant to these regulations and has been certified for use at MATO Products by our local fire department,” Frank says.

“The better ergonomics of the new facility – with more space, light and updated equipment – has been well received by employees.” He notes that the quality of work on MATO Products’ equipment ensures reliability and value-for-money, while saving customers on costly downtime in their operations.

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