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South African Solution for Australian Iron Ore Screening
The Multotec Ceradox panels increase wear life with their innovative high-impact design and can operate under aggressive and abrasive conditions.
18 May 2020

Crushing, Screening & Milling

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Gravity Concentration: New Lamination Booth for Spirals
Gravity Concentration: New Lamination Booth for Spirals
17 Apr 2020

The manufacturing of spiral troughs is a labour-intensive process. In assessing the capability of the production team together with available resources, the biggest bottleneck was discovered within the lamination area.

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Custom cyclone solution solves Zambian TSF challenge
The Multotec GV cyclones are designed specifically for tailings dam applications.
11 Mar 2020

An innovative hydrocyclone solution from Multotec is allowing a large Zambian copper mine to develop a safe and cost-effective tailings storage facility (TSF).

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Mining Indaba Preview: Equipment supplier advancing 4IR offering
Innovations in spirals developed by Multotec have far reaching environmental impact benefits
14 Feb 2020

The development of an intelligent cyclone by minerals processing equipment supplier Multotec is at an advanced stage, Multotec South African Operations CEO Rikus Immink tells Mining Weekly.

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The misconceptions of overbelt magnets
Overbelt Magnets
12 Nov 2019

There are a lot of misconceptions about how overbelt magnets work and what the requirements are to size an overbelt magnet.

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Testwork vital to prove best separation methods
Multotec's Centrilab
31 Oct 2019

For customers looking for answers about how best to separate and concentrate particles, mineral processing specialists Multotec has dedicated testing facilities to do just this.

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Spiral Test Rig solves separation challenges
Multotec Spiral
17 Oct 2019

Multotec’s versatile spiral test rigs allow the company to undertake specific testwork for individual customer application. Current testwork is being done to separate chrome from ultra-fine waste material.

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Classification tests on Cyclone Rigs lead to better equipment choice
Classification tests on Cyclone Rigs lead to better equipment choice
13 Sep 2019

Multotec’s long-established cyclone test rig gives confidence to customers’ cyclone selection, in line with the company’s mission to provide fit-for-purpose solutions in mineral and particle classification.

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HDPE cyclone overflow elbows
20 Aug 2019

The Multotec Cyclone Division has successfully implemented a process that allows us to completely rubberline HDPE overflow elbows.

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Improvement to metal spigot holders
Improvement To Metal Spigot Holders
19 Aug 2019

The MPE Cyclone Division has improved on its current spigot holder design for HC cyclones by incorporating a technology that reduces the amount of welding and improves lead time.

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Multotec improves its AA165 cyclone design
Multotec AA165 cyclone
19 Aug 2019

Multotec’s MPC Cyclone Division announced that it has improved the design of its monolithic ceramic AA165 cyclone.

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Cast iron cyclone flanged vortex finders
Multotec Cast Iron Cyclone Flanged Vortex Finders
19 Aug 2019

The Multotec Cyclone Division has further improved its cast iron range of cyclones by modifying the design of the vortex finder.

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Polyurethane commissioning spigots
19 Aug 2019

The MPE Cyclone Division has designed a polyurethane spigot specifically for commissioning purposes.

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Use of spirals breaking new ground in minerals of the future
Multotec Mineral Processing Equippment
19 Aug 2019

Traditionally, spiral concentrators have not been widely employed in the separation process of minerals like copper, lithium, tin and tantalite, but all that is changing fast.

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Broadening the application of gravity
Multotec's spiral separators
02 Apr 2019

Multotec has broadened the application of its gravity concentrators with the introduction of a 3 mm top size spiral concentrator to treat coarser feeds.

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Bringing the value of spirals to more minerals
08 Feb 2019

Experience in the field and in its test laboratory has allowed Multotec Process Equipment to prove the economic impact of applying spiral concentration technology to high-value minerals used in cellular phones and electric cars.

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A chrome jewel in the PGM crown
chromtech, multotec
28 Dec 2018

Proudly South African chrome recovery expert ChromTech has added to its operating portfolio what can only be described as its flagship project – a new process plant designed to retreat old PGM material to extract chrome from a historical mine dump within Lonmin’s Marikana property. LAURA CORNISH visited the site with ChromTech’s CCO JONO GAY to learn more about this latest achievement and its ‘smart-thinking’ strategic approach to delivering a sound business that is well-positioned for growth.

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Innovative crane makes cyclone maintenance easy and safe
01 Nov 2018

Multotec Process Equipment has developed an innovative jib crane installation which can be mounted on top of the cyclone cluster distributor.

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Multotec bridges minerals processing skills gap with specialised training
Multotec Jannie de Jonge
01 Jul 2018

Minerals processing specialist Multotec has spent more than R10-million in education and training development in 2017.

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Multotec adding greater value to the coal processing sector
Multotec Mineral Processing Equipment
15 May 2018

The global energy landscape is undergoing radical change as the world looks for cleaner, more environment-friendly electricity generation sources.

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