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MTE Lephalale
MTE Lephalale
23 Mar 2020

In February 2020, Multotec Wear Linings attended the Mining & Technical Exhibition in Lephalale.

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Multotec Middelburg: Excellence at work
Multotec Wear Solutions
21 Feb 2020

It is with great excitement that we inform the group of this excellent work achieved by the Middelburg tiling team.

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Multotec's ceramic impellers to boost uptime at DRC mines
Multotec Wear Linings are leaders in local design and manufacture of ceramic pump components.
20 Aug 2019

Multotec’s new innovative ceramic solution for pumping equipment supplied to DRC mine.

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New cost-effective Multotec ceramic tile for coal and power generation
Multotec Ceramic Wear Tile
04 Aug 2017

Multotec Wear Linings has developed a medium density (MD) alumina ceramic tile that can be used in low to medium wear applications.

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Multotec warning systems help manage wear and risk
Multotec yellow belly liner
01 Apr 2017

Early warning systems across a range of Multotec’s wear solutions – built-in as standard and at no added expense – are important aspects of the group’s efforts to save customers from the high cost of unexpected failure.

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Inspecting rubber wear plates just became simple and safe
Multotec wear solutions
21 Oct 2016

Inspection of rubber wear plates just became easier with the recent introduction of Multotec’s Yellow Belly wear indicator.

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Multotec's green dot tiles alert to timeous replacement of linings
Green Dot Tile
01 Sep 2016

The ability to timeously monitor wear on chute linings can provide processing plants with substantial savings in terms of operational and maintenance costs as well as reducing unplanned downtime.

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Multotec optimises grinding circuits with specialised skill set
Multotec Optimises Grinding Circuits
01 Nov 2015

Optimising the grinding circuit requires a specialist skill set with an in-depth understanding of the application of available products.

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Multocano™ modular chute offers ease of installation and decreased downtime
Multocano Modular Chute
01 Nov 2015

Designed for ease of transportation and erection, the Multotec MultoCano™ modular chute is geared towards cost-effectivity.

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Multotec offers a comprehensive range of wear linings for any materials handling application
Multotec  wear linings
01 Mar 2015

Multotec Wear Linings offers a comprehensive range of wear lining materials, including high alumina ceramics and basalt.

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Multotec positions itself as a full wear linings solutions provider
Engineered Ceramics Pipe and Cone Liners
01 Dec 2014

As the pioneer of wear lining materials in the minerals processing and materials handling sectors, Multotec Wear Linings is well-positioned to provide a far more holistic approach to managing wear.

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Reducing Operational & Maintenance costs with Multotec ceramic impellers
Multotec Ceramic Impellers
01 Mar 2014

High alumina ceramic impellers achieve significant cost reductions, simultaneously achieving consistently good performance for extended periods.

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Putting money back into mining with Multotec ceramic impact panels
Multotec Ceramic Impact Panels
07 Feb 2014

The technological advances applied by developers and engineers at Multotec, has resulted in major cost savings for wear linings in all hard rock mining operations.

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