MATO Products continues to lead the conveyor belt fastener and cleaner market in Botswana

Conveyor belt solutions company MATO Products, member of the Multotec Group, is paving the way in the Botswana mining market with its innovative belt fastening systems, range of lacing equipment, and a strong focus on belt cleaners.

Benjamin Sibanda, Managing Director of the MATO states that since entering the Botswana market in 2018, MATO has grown significantly in innovative belt cleaning systems. “The initial demand for these products has extended beyond the coal sector into other materials handling and mineral processing applications, specifically diamond mining,” says Sibanda.

MATO supports its Botswana customers through dedicated sales engineers and the local Multotec infrastructure. The support includes a full scope of value-added service including on-site assessments and installations, as well as aftersales service and maintenance. The products supplied are manufactured in MATO centres of competence in Germany, South Africa, and Australia.

Efficiency and durability in conveyor belt maintenance

The MATO mechanical belt fastening system comprises a lacing head and bed, a wire rope winch complete with 30m of rope, a belt clamp, a belt cutter, a belt skiver, a wave master kit, lacing pins, and fasteners. These elements combined produce a cost-effective and durable mechanical splice.

Sibanda notes that MATO’s belt fastening system delivers a seamless joint in less than 30 minutes, which is significantly less time than the six hours required for other splicing systems. This solution reduces operational downtime, which increases productivity at a reduced cost.

“The main advantage that customers gain from using MATO products and solutions is reduced downtime,” says Sibanda.

Expecting opportunities

“Our belt cleaning system’s market share in Botswana is immensely strong, such that our Australia-based manufacturers and suppliers inform us that we buy more of their products than any other MATO Products company in the world,” says Sibanda.

Sibanda says MATO currently supplies its conveyor belt solutions to two diamond mines, with an eye on the third from two sites between them. He anticipates more opportunities to arise as other mines that are currently locked into long-term contracts with their supplier have expressed interest in switching over to MATO systems.

Peace of mind

“Providing reliable and durable products give our customers peace of mind, as our joints often outlast the conveyor belt itself. In addition to this, our products are cost-effective in comparison to our competitors who typically source their fasteners and lacing equipment from international suppliers.”

Headquartered in South Africa, MATO Products currently has a team of 24 employees, including a site supervisor and technicians who are available to customers in Botswana to perform assessments and provide aftersales service. The company has two service technicians based in Botswana and is currently looking to expand this team further.

“For the next 12 to 18 months, our priority is to focus on marketing our belt cleaners in southern Africa. MATO is more than a belt cleaning systems supplier but a company with products that give customers peace of mind knowing that our solution will prolong their conveyor systems,” concludes Sibanda.

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