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Multotec expertise cuts wear at Phosphate Plant
Multotec combines experience and expertise with the results of Rocky DEM to provide fit for application solutions
31 Jan 2020

In one of its largest scrubber installations to date, a phosphate mine in Morocco is benefitting from Multotec’s depth of expertise and experience in the field of scrubber liners.

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Join our Milling & Classification Customer Training Workshop
20 Aug 2019

Join our Customer Training Workshops on Milling and Classification this Wednesday 28 August 2019.

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Multotec donates particle size analyser to Vaal University of Technology
20 Aug 2019

Multotec Donates Particle Size Analyser to Vaal University of Technology.

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Optimising mill lining changeout gives major payback advantage
Multotec Mill Lining Mineral Processing Equipment
15 May 2018

The correct time to change mill liners is when the efficiency of the mill drops and not when you think the lining is completely worn.

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Monitoring to raise mill efficiency, reduce stoppage time
Multotec Rubber, mill & scrubber linings
15 Nov 2017

Unreliable and time consuming methods of monitoring the condition of mill liners are now a thing of the past, as mines can now ensure higher efficiencies by tracking liner wear in real time.

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Most affordable mill liner profile condition monitoring system
Multotec Mill & Scrubber Linings
15 Aug 2016

With the volatility of commodity prices today it is critical that mines are able to optimise the operating costs of the entire plant, and this need has seen an increased focus on achieving the desired grind efficiency in mills.

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Multotec rubber to market CITIC steel mill liners In Africa
Multotec Rubber To Market CITIC Steel Mill Liners
18 Feb 2016

Multotec Rubber has concluded an agreement with CITIC Heavy Industries to market its steel liners in Africa.

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Multotec rubber helps Zambian Copperbelt customer reduce downtime dramatically with installation of heavy duty Multomet liners
Multotec Rubber HD Multomet Liners
17 Jun 2015

Multotec Rubber, in conjunction with Multotec Zambia, has successfully relined two mills with its heavy-duty (HD) MultoMet liners for a customer in the Zambian Copperbelt

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Managing mill liner optimisation with Multotec rubber solutions
multotec rubber, mill lining
01 Sep 2014

Multotec ensures that liner design is optimal for the life of the liners and performs condition monitoring on installed liners to ensure maximised uptime by facilitating proactive maintenance.

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Multotec rolls out Hawkeye® monitoring system to mill liner market
01 Aug 2013

Hawkeye® is a visual, simple and easy to understand wear-based monitoring system which will enable end-users to monitor mill liner life cycles.

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