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Mining Sampler

Mining samplers from Multotec include cross beltwet and dry cross cut and combination sampling systems, guaranteeing extremely accurate ore samples.

As a world-leading supplier of mining samplers for dry and wet ore loads, we design and manufacture application-specific mining samplers that ensure all particle sizes are caught from across the ore stream, for maximum accuracy of your ore sample.

  • Achieve unbiased stream samples
  • Constructed to client’s ore and process parameters
  • Available as full turnkey solutions
  • Range of ancillary mining sampler products available, including splitters, indexers / collectors and conveyors.
  • Rugged, durable construction: minimal maintenance over long service life

Multotec has supplied over 700 mining samplers to Africa’s mineral beneficiation plants in the last decade! 

We can manufacture a performance-enhancing process solution for you.Speak to us today

Our range of Mining Samplers:

Primary Cross Belt Mining Samplers

Our primary cross belt mining samplers guarantee unbiased increments using straight or angled cutters. Our cross belt mining samplers are easy to retrofit using conveyor strings along the length of the belt.

  • Suits all conveyor sizes, from 450 to 2 400 mm (width)
  • Install on horizontal or inclined belts up to 18°
  • Designed for idler troughs of 20° to 45°

Dry Cross Cut Mining Samplers

We ensure maximum sampling accuracy of dry streams with mining samplers that are suited for all dry bulk materials handling and falling stream applications. Cutting gap of the mining sampler as 3x the nominal top size of the material.

  • Discharge chutes of conveyors from 400 to 2 400 mm (width)
  • Discharge chutes of screen and bunkers from 400 to 12 000 mm (width)

Wet Cross Cut Mining Samplers

Our wet cross cut mining samplers are ideal for sampling most mineral slurries in gravity flow circuits. They are rugged, with light- and heavy-duty mining samplers available. Easily installed in greenfield and retrofit plants.

  • Slurry launders from 400 to 3 500 mm (width)
  • Sample slurries up to 5 000 m3/hour

Two-In-One Mining Samplers

Combination samplers include a primary mining sampler and a vezin mining sampler, and are ideal in vertical gravity flow systems. These mining samplers can achieve wide sample division ratios (4 to 16%). They are compact and robust, and easy to install and access.

  • Sample up to 4 500 m3/hour
  • Slurry lines from 100 to 900 mm (NB)

Achieving maximum sample accuracy!

Because the mineral concentration in different sized particle varies, the cutting action of a mining sampler needs to capture a complete cross-stream sample. Our mining samplers use specially-sized cutting blade widths, defined by your process’ mineral stream, and ‘attack’ the stream at precise angles and positions to ensure a complete cross sample. Durable steel ensures the mining sampler cutters stay sharp, maintaining precise cross-cutting that does not discriminate particles.

We have supplied Africa’s mineral processing plants with mining samplers under license to Siebtechnik GmbH since 1987!

Multotec products are engineered to optimise costs, lifespan and efficiency of mineral plants.
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