Screening Audits

Multotec screening audits are used to optimise our clients’ screening operations as well as identify potential problem areas. These findings can be sent to Multotec’s research and development (R&D) division for further analysis and possible development.

Screening audits conducted by Multotec entail visual observations, stroke measurements, condition monitoring, efficiency determinations, screen panel wear life and ALL other factors contributing to the efficiency of the screening operation.

Benefits of screening audits:

  • Optimised screening operations
  • Problematic areas identified and analysed
  • Solutions to problematic areas developed

Multotec is in a position to add even more value, over and above that achieved from the screen audit, through additional influential factors such as spray water configurations, feed chute designs and excessive wear patterns.

Screening audits can be done on special request or as part of a custom maintenance contract which are carried out on a routine basis.

Screening audits applications

The efficiency of any screening application is vital to the throughput and optimal use of equipment in the process stream. Screening audits also provide valuable information to the selection of suitable apertures for optimal performance.

Typical screening audit applications include:

  • Classification
  • Dewatering
  • Desliming
  • Drain and Rinse

The type of equipment that forms part of a typical screening audit includes:

  • Vibrating screens
  • Sievebends / Static Screens
  • Trommel screens
  • CIP/CIL cylinders
  • Centrifuges
Optimise your screening applications and develop tailored screening solutions with Multotec’s screening audits.
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