Spiral Audits

Spiral audits conducted by Multotec ascertain information on specific spiral separation efficiency, which may lead to improved circuit performance. Circuit evaluations form part of the typical spiral audit, which highlight possible areas for increased efficiencies.

Spiral audit checks

Fault finding assists operational supervisors in identifying areas of concern, which can then easily be rectified. Typical checks when a Multotec spiral audit is conducted include:

  • Distribution of material on the spiral trough
  • Accurate splitter positions
  • Trough wear
  • Launder system condition
  • Feed configurations
  • Leakages
If deemed necessary, Multotec spiral audit results are relayed to our dedicated research and development (R&D) team for additional test work. The results of the audits may lead to further product developments on spiral design and configurations.
Improve circuit performance and contribute to product development with Multotec’s specialised spiral audits.
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