SAG Mill Liners

SAG mill liners from Multotec use rubber composite components to provide superior impact and wear resistance in all semi-autogenous milling applications.

  • Steel inserts create high impact resistance
  • Specialised rubber absorbs impact energy
  • Rubber grates ensure a good throughput
  • Minimal blinding of the apertures
  • MultoMet and HD MultoMet liners available
  • Hardox® 500 is a bendable and weldable abrasion-resistant steel
  • HD MultoMet lifter bars enable optimum H2A

Multotec uses specialised MilTraj software and Rocky DEM when designing your SAG mill liners. This ensures that the liner is appropriate to the mineral being processed as well as its wear rates.

Our SAG mill liners are custom designed to your application requirements. In applications that feature large ball and feed sizes as well as with large mill diameters, Multotec supplies MultoMet™ or HD MultoMet™ SAG mill liners and heavy-duty grate plates.

  • Grate plates in a range of aperture sizes and configurations
  • Designed according to your application requirements
  • Internal frames are designed for your mill loads capacities
  • Semi-overflow designs control the pulp level in the mill
  • Different designs and configurations (such as a built-in MultoMet lifter bar) can be supplied on request
Ball Mill Lining
AG Mill Liners

Our SAG Mill Liners are designed by combining computer simulation data and inspection data to optimise performance.
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