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Decanter Centrifuge

A decanter centrifuge, or solid bowl centrifuge, uses high rotational speed generating centrifugal force to separate materials of different densities. 

This equipment is used in solid/liquid and liquid/liquid (liquid phase) separation applications in minerals processing, chemical, oil, food processing and wastewater treatment industries. 

Multotec has manufactured and supplied industrial decanter centrifuges and centrifuge equipment to the international mineral, chemical and industrial processing market for over 40 years. These centrifuges are known worldwide for their exceptional versatility and ability to effectively separate very fine solids from liquids of lighter density.

Our range is specifically manufactured for slurries that are traditionally difficult to separate, due to low-density solids or viscous-liquids.  All sold bowl centrifuges in the range offer the following benefits:

  • Compact designs for reduced plant footprint
  • Heavy-duty designs for harsh operating conditions
  • Increased separation efficiency
  • Liquid phase separation
  • Ideal for all particle sizes – even very fine solids

Features of Multotec industrial decanter centrifuges:

  • Single or double shaft drive options
  • Ideal for all particle sizes
  • Suitable for very fine solids
  • Incorporated washing system
  • Equipped with replaceable screen segments (replaced outside the machine)
Multotec offers a comprehensive range of industrial centrifuges. Contact Multotec for this niche product offering.

TS Decanter Centrifuge

All our process equipment undergoes sample testing. Remote monitoring is possible for maintenance repair optimization.

Ideal for gas-tight processes, the closed housing and precise seals allow for very fine solids’ dewatering.

DZ Decanter Centrifuge

A dewatering centrifuge for sale that allows for dewatering and thickening, and can be used as a sludge thickener.

Ideal for open process systems, this is a heavy-duty decanter machine requiring minimal maintenance.

DZS Screen Decanter Centrifuge

Used in mineral processing dewatering systems without any additional centrifuge price.

Ideal for crystalline & granular products, this centrifuge combines solid bowl and screen scroll centrifuge technology.

Centrifuge Baskets

Used in mineral processing dewatering systems without any additional centrifuge price

Achieve optimum solid / liquid separation efficiency from your industrial centrifuge with abrasion-resistant centrifuge baskets.

Beneftis of Multotec decanter centrifuge

Multotec has been engineering and producing these centrifuge types for use in mineral processing industries for over 50 years.

Low-density solids or viscous-liquids can make it difficult to separate slurries. Multotec overcome this with exceptional ability of the centrifuge to effectively separate very fine solids from liquids of lighter density. Additional benefits of our range include:

  • Compact designs help reduce plant footprint
  • Heavy-duty designs help overcome harsh operating conditions
  • Increased separation efficiency results in effective processing
  • Ideal for all particle sizes, including very fine solids

All industrial decanter centrifuges from Multotec are designed to ensure maximum separation efficiency and reduce overall waste content in your water treatment systems and mineral processing applications. This ensures excellent by-product recovery. 

Our range of decanter centrifuges is specifically manufactured for slurries that are traditionally difficult to separate, due to low-density solids or viscous-liquids.  

Multotec Centrifuges are used in both municipal and industrial sectors.

Operating principle

Clarification of the liquid inside the centrifuge takes place primarily in the cylindrical section of the centrifuge. The dewatering of the solids takes place by filtering the solids cake (or compressing the solids cake) in the conical part of the bowl.

High speed centrifuge 

The centrifuge is bowl-shaped with a tube that can rotate at extremely high pre-determined speeds. This high centrifuge speed facilitates the separation of solids, liquids and gases.  

The principle of a decanter centrifuge is based on the gravitational separation theory. However, inside the centrifuge, gravitational acceleration is replaced by much higher centrifugal acceleration – anywhere from 1 000 to 4 000 times the normal gravitational force. This means the required separation time is reduced from hours to seconds.

Multotec has supplied centrifugal decanters to international mineral processing industries for over 50 years.

How the decanter process works

SIEBTECHNIK decanting centrifuges (manufactured under licence by Multotec) work on the counter-flow principle:

  1. The suspension to separate is introduced in the approximate centre of the bowl.
  2. The sedimented solid material is transported toward the small diameter by the worm, which rotates at a different speed to the bowl. 
  3. The clarified liquid flows out of the bowl at the large diameter

The height of the liquid level in the bowl and the resulting ratio of clear liquid and dry solids can be continuously adjusted. This allows for optimum control of the required separation. 

The differential speed between worm and bowl is done with a gear unit. The standard drive arrangement is via V-belts. Depending on the required rotating speed combination, the centrifuge is equipped with either a single drive or double drive design.

How the decanter process works

Applications and uses 

These types of centrifuges are used primarily in the solid/liquid separation processes in mineral processing applications.

There are numerous possible applications and processing methods for these centrifuges in minerals. These include from the ceramics industry through to cosmetics for the paint industry; from straightforward mechanical processing through to use in chemical processes.

For solid/liquid separation in the minerals processing industry, decanter centrifuges are used for:
•    Gold 
•    Silver
•    Lead 
•    Zinc
•    Nickel 
•    Copper
•    Platinum
•    Kaolin
•    Calcium carbonate
•    Titanium dioxide
•    Barite
•    Zinc sulphate
•    Aluminium hydroxide

In addition to mineral processing, the decanter separator is used in the chemical, oil, and food processing industries as well as for wastewater treatment. 

Get in touch with your local Multotec branch about your mineral processing requirements.

How our decanter centrifuges work

Decanters of the TS series are typically used in gastight process systems. The closed process housing in combination with proven sealing designs at the small shaft diameters and the design, coordinated with the precise operating conditions, give this centrifuge series a very high degree of reliability.

The DZ series can also be supplied in a vapour-tight and gastight design. For these applications, the product housings are manufactured in two pieces and sealed with chamber rings. The geometry of the rotating parts is designed for the specific separation requirement. 

The rotating assembly is carried by pedestal bearings located outside the product housing. Machines with bowl diameters greater than 1 000 mm are standard design in the DZ series.

The screen decanter is a combination of a solid bowl decanting centrifuge and a screen worm centrifuge (screen scroll) with exceptional dewatering results for crystalline and granular products.

In the decanter component, the feed suspension is first pre-thickened, i.e. it is extensively dewatered in the conical part of the solid bowl. The liquid is clarified in the cylindrical part and finally discharged. The pre-thickened solids are transported into the cylindrical screen section by the worm where additional dewatering is achieved.

A special SIEBTECHNIK washing system allows particularly efficient washing in the screen area of this machine. The original liquor and washing fluid can be separately discharged.

Due to the low residual liquid entering the screening section, fine solids losses are low and can be further reduced by returning the filtrate to the inlet of the centrifuge.

  • Centrifuge baskets

Manufactured from abrasion-resistant 430 stainless steel, or 304 stainless steel for corrosive applications, Multotec Optima centrifuge baskets are used across the world in coal, chemicals, food and beverage and other industries.

They incorporate accelerator bars to assist in calibrating the speed of the material to the speed of the rotating basket. 

Optional extras include a 

  1. feed end wear cone:  a solid steel plate which absorbs the impact of the feed
  2. a discharge end wear cone: overcomes high wear rate due to high peripheral speed. 

The feed end flange is fully machined, ensuring a perfectly symmetrical mounting flange and the correct length for the basket. Centrifuge baskets are dynamically balanced to provide peak performance and to minimise the wear and tear on your industrial centrifuge.

Choose a process partner who will constantly work to lower your cost per ton.

Optimising separation efficiency

Designed to increase separation efficiency for all particle sizes, these centrifuges are serviced and supported internationally. The entire range has been tested in real-field conditions at optimal centrifugal force in order to ensure optimised separation efficiency. 

These centrifuge machines are programmed to follow the ‘counter-flow’ principle, where separation begins from the bowl centre. The stream is then transported to the smaller-diameter scroll that rotates at a different speed to the bowl, while the clarified liquid flows out the bowl via the large-diameter scroll. 

A specialised double-bearing design on each side of the rotating parts facilitates high rotational speeds with high gravitational force required for sedimentation separation. This rotational speed is achieved with an optimised gear unit.

In addition, the height of the liquid level in the bowl can be continuously adjusted in the centrifuge, enabling optimum control of the required separation.

We have a range of heavy-duty, universal decanter centrifuges, designed to increase separation efficiency for all particle sizes.

Factors That Determine Performance of Decanter Centrifuges

There are 5 vital factors that determine the performance of these centrifuges:

  • Centrifugal force: This is required for separation of particles according to size and density.
  • Clarification area: This designated area captures the solids.
  • Differential speed: This is the required speed to discharge solids from the decanter.
  • The hydrodynamic design: This design determines the exact parameters required for the turbulence.
  • The design of the beach and conveyor sections: These are necessary to transport solids efficiently.

Industrial decanter centrifuge

Multotec supplies a range of heavy-duty, high-performance, universal SIEBTECHNIK industrial decanter centrifuges that separate very fine solids from liquids of lighter density. 

Used by both the municipal and industrial sectors these centrifuges offer extreme versatility to a wide range of applications and are designed to increase separation efficiency for all particle sizes.

Services & Support

Test work and technical capabilities

  • Assistance of appropriate equipment selection
  • Equipment delivery and commissioning
  • Comprehensive plant, process and equipment audits & implementing tailored solutions
  • Equipment retrofitting into existing mining operations and equipment
  • Specialised design capabilities available to clients

Field service maintenance 

  • Regular field service and maintenance site visits
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Equipment lifecycle management
  • Onsite application-specific plant and process audits
  • Assessment-based technical drawings


  • Customer training workshops to bridge the gap between theory and real-plant applications
  • merSETA-approved Artisan apprenticeships
  • Product and product application training suited to client requirements
  • Multotec Graduate Development Programme where each graduate is provided with a mentor and specific development plan for the duration of the programme 
Find out how we can manufacture a performance enhancing mineral processing solution for you. Contact us today.

State-of-the-art design & manufacture

All equipment and products from Multotec are designed and manufactured to the most stringent quality standards in our ISO 9001 manufacturing facilities. 

Founded in 1973, the Multotec Group is active in 100 countries and partner to some of the world’s largest mining houses. Some of these are BHP Billiton, Glencore, RIO Tinto, First Quantum Minerals Ltd, Anglo American, and many others.

Ongoing equipment development

We use Computational Fluid Dynamic simulations, pilot plant and online test work to improve the metallurgical performance of the process equipment. Detailed Finite Element Analysis (FEA), 3D design, as well as the correct specifications of wear resistant materials are all used to develop all product and equipment designs.  

Developed in response to the challenges our customers face in improving their mineral processing efficiency, Multotec products are proven n the toughest commodity processing applications across the world. 

Find out more about our manufacturing capabilities.

Site visits, extensive design capabilities, condition monitoring software and plant audits are part of our technical capabilities services.

Expertly designed for optimised solid/liquid separation, Multotec is a world specialist supplying the Conturbex screen scroll centrifuge. This state-of-the-art centrifuge “scrolled” (or wormed) design is based on 60 years of centrifugal design experience from Siebtechnik.

We’ve supplied centrifugal decanters to international mineral processing industries for over 40 years.
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