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Mineral Processing

Multotec manufactures a complete range of mineral processing equipment delivering a maximum-efficiency classification and separation solution whether through magnetic, flotation, gravity, ion exchange or cyclonic action processing. Multotec has refined these solutions through over 40 years of equipment provision to the global mineral processing industry, based on continuous research and development.

Multotec’s mineral processing machinery is supported with an extensive component inventory to ensure your processing operation is provided with a specific, customised solution.

Multotec partners with its clients in a holistic capacity to ensure your mineral processing applications are achieved with reduced capital and operating costs and decreased downtime – ultimately reducing your overall cost per ton.

A global trust in Multotec’s Mineral Processing Solutions:

Our mineral processing equipment is utilised by global power generation companies and mining houses, with representation on every continent. Multotec engineers possess a deep knowledge of process flow sheets, ensuring that when you purchase our mineral processing equipment, it integrates into your operation seamlessly.

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Our complete range of hydrocyclones offers maximum mineral processing efficiency at lower running costs, backed by extensive application knowledge of the global mineral processing industry. Our scrolled evolute cyclone designs are industry tested to achieve higher mineral processing capacities and reduced wear rates at lower operating pressures.

Gravity Concentration:

Spiral concentrators are high-efficiency gravity separation systems delivering enhanced removal, separation and recovery of high density mineral and coal particles. Spiral concentrators can be interwound, and without moving parts, lead to a low capital, low maintenance cost separation solution.

Magnetic Separators:

Multotec’s magnetic mineral processing range includes an array of magnetic configurations, including wet and dry drums (LIMS), vertical high intensity separators (WHIMS) and overbelt conveyor devices, which extract ferrous content from process streams and loads.

Flotation Wear Components:

Multotec’s froth filtration operation delivers enhanced mineral processing and recovery through flotation. An array of high-quality, hardwearing replaceable wet and dry components are available for all flotation cell types and sizes, and can be redesigned to optimise performance and life, as demanded by the mineral processing application.

Solvent Extraction and Effluent Treatment:

Over more than 20 years, Clean TeQ has invested in research and development to expand and develop its technology, which includes separation and purification technologies for water and metals recovery.

Process Control Sampling:

A sampler is not only a statistical tool, but its part of process optimising. Ensuring that the mineral processing plant is tuned properly for feed conditions is the primary function of a well-designed sampling plant. Similarly, achieving optimised product yields by adjusting mineral processing plant operating parameters to produce on specification product is based on representative product sampling and analysis.

Multotec offers its customers:

  • Specific mineral processing optimisation solutions
  • Maximum efficiency for overall process cost reduction
  • Comprehensive service and support contracts
  • Field testing in real conditions
Multotec products are engineered to optimise costs, lifespan and efficiency of mineral plants.
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