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Desliming Cyclone

Multotec manufactures a complete range of desliming cyclones for your coal and iron ore beneficiation plants, base metal processing plants and heavy mineral processes. 

Our desliming cyclones improve efficiency and are engineered to provide greater lifespan and reduce energy requirements, even in the toughest coal processing applications. 

We support your coal desliming application with a complete range of 24/7 on-site services, technical assistance and a large stock of spare parts and wear components.

  • Complete range of off-the-shelf and customised cyclones 
  • Innovative designs improve capacity and reduce product misplacement 
  • Abrasion and heat resistant materials reduce wear
  • Full technical support and field service
  • Maximum plant performance with supply and manufacture of spares

Multotec is a global leader in cyclone separation efficiency, design and manufacturing.

Get in touch with your local Multotec branch for all your desliming hydrocyclone requirements.Enquire now

Our range of Desliming Cyclones:

GV Cyclones

Our classification cyclone separator range is used across the world in density separation applications.

Designed specifically for use in tailings dams, our GV cyclones weigh just 45 kg, with a 220 mm ID and 20° cone angle.

Dewatering Cyclone

Dewatering Cyclone

For all solids dewatering, water recovery and slurry densification applications choose Multotec dewatering cyclones.

Cyclone Densifiers

Tailings Dam Cyclone

Multotec’s range of cyclone densifiers maximise water removal and minimise medium loss in a dense medium circuit.


Cyclone Distributor

Cyclone Distributors.

Fabricated from mild steel and lined internally, Multotec’s cyclone distributors minimise pressure losses for higher energy transfers.

Cyclone Accessories

Cyclone Accessories

From liners and spigots to valves, adapters and injectors, Multotec has all the hydrocyclone accessories you need.

Cyclone Spares

Tailings Dam Cyclone

With over 10 000 cyclone spares, we have everything you need to keep your desliming cyclone performing at its peak.



Technical Capabilities 

The high level of application knowledge and technical expertise brought to our clients by Multotec’s highly qualified and technically proficient personnel, with over 50 years of experience in the mineral processing industry. 

Condition Monitoring 

Multotec’s condition monitoring comprises a range of innovative condition monitoring products to give you real-time, actionable data that ultimately monitors your wear rates against your productivity. 

Field Service Maintenance 

Multotec’s entire range of mineral processing equipment is backed by extensive field service and maintenance agreements, ensuring longevity and superior product performance.

Test Work Capabilities 

Multotec’s test work capabilities have developed over the years, borne from intensive Research & Development to develop new or expand existing industry products.


Multotec is at the forefront of the mineral processing industry, and a leading authority in Mineral Processing Equipment!
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