MOH9 Body Armour

Body Armour

With a highly established track record in the manufacturing and supply of alumina ceramics, Multotec offers ISO-certified plates for a range of uses including body, vehicle, aircraft, ship and building protection.

Our high-quality plates offer:

  • High resilience & fracture durability
  • High Young’s modulus compression levels
  • High sonic velocity capacities
  • Low weight per area

MOH-9 Armour Ceramics is a division of Multotec Wear Linings. More than 70% of Moh-9’s products are used worldwide by police, private security forces and military personnel.

Moh-9 Armour Ceramics has access to various ballistic test facilities that adhere to local and international standards such as the American NIJ Standard and the European CEN Standard. Multotec also tests their products, ensuring they fulfil customers’ specific requirements. We are dedicated to providing up-to-standard alumina-based composites that comply with heavy armour protection systems.

Testing includes:

  • Ballistic testing that incorporates a modern ballistic proof tunnel with proof calibres up to 40 mm
  • Various blast & long-distance tests
  • Ultra-high-speed photography, flash X-ray & crater bottom velocity analysis facilities


Safeguard your personnel with the highest performing ballistic protection equipment.

Body Armour

Our tactical body armor plates are available in 4 primary variations, single-curved, double-curved, multi-curved for both male and female as well as SAPI plates.

Upgrade bullet proof vests to improve your protection level against ballistic and rifle ammunition from active shooters by inserting our ceramic – monolithic fibre-based composite plates that have:

  • Standard anatomically correct or custom armour design options
  • A range of material, e.g. Alumina breastplates.
  • Dimensions up to 350 x 300 mm
  • Thickness ranges of 3.0 - 12.0 mm
  • A wide range including: breast, groin, side & shoulder options.
ArmohTec Body Armour
ArmohTec Body Armour
ArmohTec Vehicle Armour
ArmohTec Vehicle Armour
ArmohTec Vehicle Armour
ArmohTec Vehicle Armour
ArmohTec Vehicle Armour
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  1. Does body armour really work?
  2. Our body armour and vehicle armour stop and destroy bullets.

    When a bullet strikes the ceramic surface, a deformation of the bullet tip takes place and thus an enlargement of the cross section. Impact, friction processes and reciprocal effects between the longitudinal shockwave and the reflected wave destroy the bullet and pulverize the ceramic during penetration. Contact us to find your ideal armour.

  3. Can you insert a ceramic plate in a vest?
  4. You can easily insert our plates in a vest or a plate carrier to create a protective vest. Click here to view our featured products that are made of the highest quality.

  5. What is armour for vehicles?
  6. Our armour plates for vehicles have the purpose to protect vehicles from heavy-duty actions such as abrasions or shootings. These plates can be used for internal use and exterior use. These armour plates were first developed mid 70’s to serve as protection for helicopter seats. Click here to view our products for your vehicles.

Discover one of the world’s largest ranges of body protection armour with Multotec.
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