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Tailing Dam Cyclones


Multotec Tailing Dam Cyclones provide operators with excellent operational performance through high-quality, low-mass processing equipment that is designed to lower your operational costs over an extended lifespan.

Each tailings dam cyclone is designed to the process requirements of each individual application in order to precisely match feed parameters cyclone capacity that will enable an optimised cyclone lifespan.

  • Mass less than 45 kg for ease of movement
  • Steel rubber-lined inlet head
  • Fibreglass cone fitted with a 15 mm thick replaceable liner
  • The new light-weight quick release screw spigot coupling for fast, tool-free spigot changes
  • Withstand considerable pressure spikes during start-up
  • Optimised for harsh operating conditions

In highly specialised tailings dam applications, our engineers and metallurgists will work with you to find the optimum tailings dam cyclone solution according to all process factors. We offer various customisable properties, such as materials of construction for the best component wear life, as required by your application.

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Process flexibility with Multotec Cyclones:

Operators can easily match the required tailings dam rate of rise and achieve the optimum volumetric split between overflow and underflow with the Multotec GV Cyclone, which comes in a variety of different configurations to match a range of application and commodity requirements.

The GV Cyclone is a fit-for-purpose product, with the different spigot sizes and vortex finder sizes available providing operators with optimum flexibility in meeting the specific operational parameters required by their tailings dam.

Designed for Africa’s Tailings Dams:

The lightweight construction of the GV Cyclone makes it easier to handle and to perform maintenance, without sacrificing any strength or durability. The inner diameter measures 250 mm and weighs only 45 kg. A 4-start thread spigot holder makes it easy to remove and replace spigots even in harsh application conditions.

Manufactured from composite materials, the GV Cyclone has a 3-mm steel shell inlet head lined with 15 mm thick bonded rubber lining, while the cone utilises a fibreglass shell and polyurethane rubber components.

Cyclones can be individually placed on the wall to custom-built skid mounted installation using one or more cyclones.

Multotec products are engineered to optimise costs, lifespan and efficiency of mineral plants.
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