Field Service Maintenance

The Multotec Group’s product range of mineral processing equipment is supported by a comprehensive service and maintenance infrastructure. Multotec’s services support the customer in achieving maximum operational efficiencies and the best possible life cycle cost from the installed equipment.

Multotec’s services are equipped to deliver the following benefits for our customers:

  • Economical operating costs
  • Plant optimisation
  • Service delivery on the customer’s doorstep
  • Expert advice & manpower

With over 50 years of application experience, maintenance management and a mobile workforce of field technicians in the Multotec Group, our skilled field services teams hold a full understanding of customer mineral processing challenges.

Our service offering includes plant assessments, professional field service and preventative maintenance, asset life cycle management and inventory management options that ensure your mineral processing operation is functioning at optimal levels.

Pro-active maintenance will optimise the economic life of your mineral processing equipment. This is why Multotec also offers a range of condition monitoring products that will support the continuous operation of plant and equipment at optimum efficiency.

Maximise efficiency and profitability! Reduce downtime with Multotec’s comprehensive services. Contact us, today!


Core benefits of Multotec’s service offering

Site visits lower your operating costs

Whenever customers partner with Multotec, they don’t just get a diversified product offering. They enter into a relationship based on product refinement, a true understanding of process flow sheets, preventive maintenance, diversified field services, and technical support. Multotec also conducts site audits in order to advise on product applications and appropriate maintenance protocols that will benefit customers in the long run.

Committed to plant optimisation

Multotec’s offering consists of more than mineral processing equipment, and our objective is to constantly support our customers in optimising their plants and achieving their business goals.

Service on your doorstep

Multotec offers industrial services, in line with best practices, to enhance your plant’s long-term operation and lower maintenance costs in order to achieve the best cost-per-ton results. Our consulting services, teams of field service engineers, and ongoing technical support deliver reliable customer service wherever in Africa you might be.

Application-specific and plant audits

Our engineers conduct on-site application-specific plant and process audits to assess plant efficiencies and needs by conducting screening audits, cyclone audits, spiral audits, mill audits and general wear audits.

State-of-the-art technology

Once the opportunities for improvement and cost reduction have been assessed and evaluated, our experts will translate the requirements into engineering drawings with the use of state-of-the-art scanning and modelling technology. This enables Multotec to develop a solution for the identified area of improvement. Existing products can be customised to suit unique requirements by utilising our in-house scanning and CAD design capabilities in conjunction with our in-house rapid prototyping and tooling capabilities.

Upgrades and retrofitting

Where upgrades and/or retrofits need to be implemented, Multotec delivers the installation service and assists with commissioning where required.

Once product upgrades and retrofits have been installed, the application engineers for those products are able to assist with commissioning and fine-tuning of the plant in order to achieve the projected processing targets.

Improving plant efficiency

To add additional value and optimisation to process plants and equipment, Multotec can install its patented condition monitoring equipment and software. This provides online integrated information to optimise and improve plant operation and efficiencies as well as provide early warning in case of component damage or failure, as well as process malfunctions.

Multotec has an extensive operation based in South Africa that is strategically located close to our customer base, ensuring the best possible reaction times. Our support strength is based on the infrastructure, highly experienced and trained personnel, vehicles and equipment, extensive safety and quality management systems, and close support from our product specialist.

This combination of resources is proven to be an indispensable part of Multotec’s product offering. Our customers are always assured to get the best value from their processing products.

Extensive infrastructure

Multotec has a strong presence and experience in the power generation, mineral processing, process water treatment, defence & security, chemical, and mine water treatment industries with over 50 years of crafted expertise. Backing up the comprehensive product range are value added services such as process testing capabilities, condition monitoring and specialised individual and group training capabilities.

Multotec’s services support the customer in achieving maximum operational efficiencies and the best possible life cycle cost from the installed equipment.

Multotec products are engineered to optimise costs, lifespan and efficiency of mineral beneficiation plants.
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