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Mill Liners

Correct mill liner selection is, without a doubt, among the most important of your mill components that need to be given careful consideration. Mill liners protect the mill shell from wear and transfer energy to the grinding charge. Careful balance is needed to optimise these differing requirements, as poor liner design has detrimental effects on milling performance – and on mill liner life.

Mill liners developed by Multotec include Ball Mill Liners, SAG Mill Liners, AG Mill Liners, as well as Scrubber Liners. Focusing on good fitment of liners, in which Multotec are experts, results in reduced installation downtime which, in turn, facilitates increased production.

To ensure mill liners from Multotec achieve your application-specific milling objectives, our research and development is conducted to maintain exceptional quality, high performance standards and high levels of product consistency and reliability. In fact, the rubber compound used in Multotec’s mill liner components is formulated to provide a combination of good impact, cut and abrasion resistance.

Advantages of Multotec’s Rubber Mill Liners:

  • Reduced weight compared to steel liners. This results in less wear on bearings and reduction in  torque at start up
  • The reduced weight makes it safe to  install liners by hand, eliminating the need for a mill liner handler
  • Rubber linings are applicable for a wide range of applications. This is because there are alternatives of resilient rubber or rubber and steel composite liners
  • Throughput is increased as blinding of grate plates is virtually eliminated
  • Rubber mill liners reduce noise levels for improved working conditions
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Correct material selection:

To select the correct materials of construction, a combination of the applications’ function, ore abrasivity, mill size, mill speed size of the balls and the type of corrosive environment need to be considered. Symptoms of poor liner design, which means your mill liner may require re-evaluation, include a noisy mill and broken mill liners. A noisy mill produces a distinct impact rattling, which indicates that the grinding media is impacting directly on the liner instead of on the toe of the grinding charge. A broken liner, which is particularly severe for large AG/SAG mills, can arise from media impacting directly on the mill liner.

Multotec’s rubber mill linings are designed by combining the results of computer simulations and inspection data in order to optimise charge trajectory and wear life.  The mill liner components are available in a wide range of designs, dimensions and profiles.  In addition to the standard rubber components, we also supply MultoMet composite lifter bars, shell plates and head plates.

To ensure our customers get the best solution for their requirements, Multotec installation teams supervise, assist and undertake complete lining installations. Stock control assistance and condition monitoring are also provided.

*Acknowledgments to Malcolm Powell, Ian Smit, Peter Radziszewski, Paul Cleary, Bruce Rattray, Klas-Goran Eriksson and Leon Schaeffer for some of the information in this article, which has been extracted from their paper ‘The Selection and Design of Mill Liners’. The full document can be accessed at The selection and design of mill liners

Multotec products are engineered to optimise costs, lifespan and efficiency of mineral beneficiation plants.
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