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Mineral Processing Plants

Whatever minerals you process, wherever your operation may be, Multotec will help ensure your mineral processing plant is optimised to deliver the lowest cost per ton.

From individualised equipment to complete plants – greenfield or retrofit – our engineers and metallurgists will work with you to achieve your mineral processing goals.

  • Equipment proven on the world’s toughest mines, from cyclones and screens to magnetic separation and ion exchange
  • Complete plant & process audits, wherever your plant is based
  • Optimise your plants’ efficiency to reduce overall plant costs
  • Increase uptime with strategic stockholdings & support contracts
  • Partner with an internationally established brand with strong local distributors
  • Get tailored field service & support with expert engineers & technicians’ advice
  • Complete test work, R&D and fabrication support

Whatever your requirements, we will help you get more from your ore with our wide range of leading processing solutions and global engineering and technical support.

With over 50 years of global mineral processing experience, we partner with our clients for continuous plant process optimisation to achieve application-specific processing solutions.

Achieve your mineral processing goals with Multotec.

We’ll help you get more for your ore, while lowering your cost per ton. Find out more.

View Our Products

Screening Media

Screening Media

Leading screening media technology solutions, from panels & sieve bends to fully optimised composite screen decks.

Spiral Concentrators

Spiral Concentrators

Increase separation efficiency with separators used across the world in extraction of gold, iron ore, coal, platinum & more.

Magnetic Separation

Conveyor systems solutions can help speed up ore sorting.

Improve mineral extraction by optimising your magnetic separation of ferromagnetic & paramagnetic particles /tramp metal.




Find your ideal match in a complete range of off-the-shelf & customised cyclones, from classification & dense medium to cyclone distributors.

Wear Solutions

Wear Solutions

All the rubber, composite & ceramic wear liners you need for chutes, hoppers, pipelines & transfer points in your plant..

Floatation Wear Components

Floatation Wear Components

Complete range of wet & dry end wear components for any flotation machine, cell type & size, at your local Multotec branch.


Mill & Scrubber Linings

Mill & Scrubber Linings

Maximise wear protection & increase plant efficiency with rubber & steel liners for any ball mill, SAG mill, AG mill or scrubber.

Solid/Liquid Separation

Solid/Liquid Separation

Enhance dewatering and ion exchange applications with our centrifuges, filter press, polishing filters & ion exchange technologies.

Conveyor System Solutions

Conveyor System Solutions

Increase conveyor uptime with all the parts you need, incl. pulley lagging, rubber loading points, fasteners & cleaners. .


Slurry Pumps

Slurry Pumps

Ensure robust, reliable plant performance and lower your energy consumption with our tough industrial & slurry pumps.


Manufacturing Capabilities

Whatever your mineral processing requirements, wherever you are in the world, our experts will work with you to achieve an enhanced solution, making your process more efficient, competitive and profitable

In 100 countries, on 6 continents, Multotec’s manufacturing centres of competence meet the highest global and local manufacturing standards. Using our extensive experience and application knowledge, state-of-the-art manufacturing and continuous R&D, we continue to design and manufacture top-quality, customised and application-specific plants.

Our cutting-edge design & engineering tools include:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Computer Aided Drawing
  • Trajectory Modelling



  • Continuous Improvement
  • Quality & Safety
  • Optimised recovery
  • Reduced downtime
  • Enhanced production
Our capabilities deliver uniquely designed solutions developed to improve your process efficiencies.

Technical Capabilities

Multotec’s extensive product offering is supplemented with our delivery of optimum technical solutions and the highest levels of support. We provide technical support from assistance in selection of appropriate equipment through to delivery accuracy.

We offer high levels of application knowledge and technical expertise, brought to the group by our highly qualified and technically proficient personnel, with years of experience in the mineral processing industry.

Our highly skilled and qualified engineers, all considered experts in their specific fields, are responsible for conducting process audits and implementing customised and application-specific solutions.

We offer:

  • Plant & Process Audits
  • Plant & Process Optimisation
  • Equipment Retrofitting
  • Specialise Design Capabilities


  • Optimised applications & processes
  • Increased process efficiency
  • Identification of problem areas
  • Reduced overheads, increased uptime and increased production rates
  • New information contributes to innovative product development

View our Industry Solutions:

Multotec offers customised mineral processing plants for a wide range of minerals, from gold to coal, diamonds to copper.


Iron Ore
Mineral Sand

Our Plants in Action

Get to know some of our featured projects that uniquely optimised the processing power of our customers’ plants.

Get to know some of our featured projects that uniquely optimised the processing power of our customers’ plants.

Case Study: Multotec expertise cuts wear at Phosphate Plant

A phosphate mine in Morocco is benefitting from Multotec’s scrubber liners expertise and extensive experience.

The mine had been facing a serious challenge, where the plant’s existing head plates were wearing out at double the rate of the shell plates. In turn, the plant required excessive maintenance shutdowns during the life of the liners and were paying excessive associated extra costs.

With an installation of Multotec’s scrubber liners, measuring at 6.5 metres in diameter and 11 metres in length, the plant was optimised through increased uptime and reduced costs.

Since installation, the liners have been performing in line with the customer’s expectations and are expected to have a lifespan of over five years.

World-class Plants & Support

100 Countries

Multotec has branches, representatives and offices in 100 countries across the world. Using lessons and customer input from around the world, we develop world-class and customised solutions for our customers’ processing operations.

Multotec has helped the world’s biggest mining houses process minerals more efficiently, effectively and reliably, for over 50 years.

50+ Years’ Experience
Industry-Leading Expertise

Driven by a global team of process engineers and metallurgical specialists, Multotec designs, builds, manufactures, installs and maintains equipment throughout the entire value chain of mineral processing plants.

We partner with you to drive continuous process optimisation to your plant with application-specific processing solutions, reducing your downtime and cost per ton.

Commitment to Your Plant

Sustainable Plant Maintenance

At Multotec, we aim for the most efficient and sustainable plant maintenance, with minimal downtime and optimal performance, to decrease your overall maintenance costs.

Multotec helps you develop adequate budgets based on a strategic management approach and, in turn, balance your production targets and maintenance requirements.

This balance is mainly about the relative authority of the production and maintenance functions within an organisation. When power is unbalanced and financial decisions disproportionately favour the production side of the business, maintenance necessities may be neglected. Ultimately, this imbalance can lead to shortened plant lifespan and decreased plant reliability, as well as the destruction of operation production in the long-term.

Yet, with a strategic budget and maintenance plan, Multotec helps customers utilise their plants to full capacity, without damaging its productivity, lifespan or reliability.

Make sure your maintenance is cost effective.


Get to know some of our testing capabilities

Multotec conducts test work on spiral concentrators at our R&D facilities or on plant sites.

Multotec’s turnkey sampling plants with ISO-standard equipment are supported by international sampling specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a mineral processing plant?

    A mineral processing plant recovers or extracts minerals through a range of processes, including comminution, sizing, gravity concentration, magnetic separation, and more. Multotec offers the expertise, equipment and processes to create a plant of this kind, and with a uniquely optimised mineral processing plant design, this plant will have increased efficiency and recovery.

  2. What are the four main types of mineral processing?

    Multotec specialised in all types of mineral processing, from comminution (particle size reduction which includes crushing and grinding) to sizing (separation of particle sizes by screening or classification), concentration to dewatering (solid/liquid separation).

  3. Why is mineral processing important?

    Processing mineral resources is important for the separation of valuable minerals / metals from the waste rock. This is the processing of ore after mining to provide a more concentrated material for extractive metallurgy. What is also important about this processing is that it need to be on time and on budget before it can yield valuable results.

  4. What is sizing in mineral processing?

    Sizing is the term for separation of minerals according to their size when raw material handling and processing minerals. The simplest mineral sizing process takes place through screening or movement of the particles through a screen or multiple screens.

  5. What is recovery in mineral processing?

    All processing activities can lose some of the desired mineral resources, which may occur at any processing stage, with some mining projects losing more than others. In turn, to measure the amount of recovered mineral, a plant has a  recovery percentage, which is the mass of product recovered for final disposal, divided by the mass of the raw material fed into the plant.

Our products are designed to optimise costs, lifespan and efficiency of your mineral processing plants.
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