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Dewatering Screens

Multotec manufactures dewatering screens for long-lasting performance in iron ore, coal, heavy minerals, base metals, mineral sands and diamond dewatering applications.

Multotec’s extensive knowledge of the dewatering process has enabled it to create a range of dewatering screens that ensure an accurate removal of water without losing a high percentage of mineral fines with its precision-engineered aperture sizes from as small as 0.5 mm!

In order to ensure high performance and improve wear life in extreme vibrating screens, Multotec has also developed the Saddle Top™ frame to provide the essential internal support for your dewatering screens on vigorous vibrating screens.  

Features of our Dewatering Screens:

  • Designed for high-frequency, low amplitude applications
  • Minimise pegging and blinding with optimised designs
  • Manufactured with secure screen fastening systems
  • Designed for improved wear life in tough operating conditions
  • Dewatering screens available in a wide range of apertures and panel thicknesses to suit any mineral application
  • Reduced running costs as only worn dewatering screen panels need to be replaced
  • Quick and simple installation and removal
Multotec has supplied the international minerals processing market with Screening Solutions for over 45 years.


From class-leading heavy-duty dewatering screens, pegging and blinding resistant panels, to High Open Area (HOA) drainage and mining screen panels, Multotec has the screening media solution for your application!

Customised Dewatering Screens:

Multotec’s highly experienced team of sales engineers, technical specialists and production experts will work closely with you to choose, install and customise your dewatering screens.

These customised dewatering screens have been expertly designed to maximise your throughput and minimise your downtime.

Revolutionising and innovating Dewatering Screens to reduce your downtime and costs! 

Multotec’s experience and knowledge of the global mining industry has enabled it to create dewatering screens that are easy to install and change-out. Multotec’s commitment to lowering your downtime has resulted in an interlocking system in which only worn panels need to be replaced, and not the entire dewatering screen, drastically saving you time and money.  

Multotec’s commitment to research and development and to lowering the overall cost per ton processed for its clients has resulted in dewatering screens that are modular, cost-effective and designed to lower maintenance and downtime while ensuring even feed distribution and high drainage capacities.

At Multotec, your Dewatering Screens come standard with application knowledge, industry understanding, refined engineering and field service maintenance.
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