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Dewatering Screens

Multotec helps you reduce water content of your product with a complete range of dewatering screens.

We manufacture a variety of wedge wire and polyurethane dewatering screen panels for inclined screens, as well as sieve bends and housings. With excellent separation efficiency and minimal material loss, we help you operate an overall better process and prevent water-related damage to equipment.

Our leading designs ensure an accurate removal of water without losing a high percentage of mineral fines, with precision-engineered aperture sizes from as small as 0.5 mm.

Features of our Dewatering Screens:

  • High drainage capacities 
  • Minimised pegging and blinding 
  • Improved wear life in tough operating conditions
  • Available in a wide range of apertures and panel thicknesses
  • Modular design means only worn dewatering screen panels need to be replaced
  • Quick and simple installation and removal

Multotec dewatering screens are used across the globe in a range of mineral processes, including iron ore, coal, heavy minerals, base metals, mineral sands and diamond dewatering applications.

Multotec is an international supplier of mineral processing equipment with over 50 years’ experience in screening applications.Contact us


Wedge Wire Screens

Wedge wire screen.

Full stainless steel, flat drainage panels in a range of aperture and profile configurations.

TeePee Screen Panels

TeePee Screen Panel

TeePee™ panels have a raised pyramid surface, doubling the screening area of flat panels.

Multodeck Modular Screen Panels

Multodeck Screen panels

Multodeck is a large wedge wire screen panel designed for dewatering.


Polywedge Screen Panels

Polywedge screens.

Polywedge screens combine polyurethane and wedge wire, for a long-lasting high-performance screen.

Sieve Bends

Sieve bend dewatering screen.

Polyurethane and wedge wire sieve bends and housings in 800-, 1 200- and 1 600-mm arcs.

Dewatering Screen Frames

Dewatering screen frames

Available in welded, huck bolted or combination construction to match your requirements.


From junior and mid-tier miners to the world’s largest mining houses, Multotec screening media is used across the globe.

Screening Services:

Field Service Maintenance

We offer full inspection, engineering, testing and maintenance work for all your screening needs.

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Condition Monitoring

By monitoring wear rates, we can help you optimise your maintenance and process requirements.

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Technical Capabilities

Multotec offers you full dewatering  plant and process audits and state-of-the-art design capabilities.

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Test Work Capabilities

We are committed to lowering your overall cost per ton, and can fine-tune your screening process in a laboratory environment.

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Customised Dewatering Screens:

Multotec’s highly experienced team of sales engineers, technical specialists and production experts will work closely with you to choose, install and customise your dewatering screens.

These customised dewatering screens have been expertly designed to maximise your throughput and minimise your downtime.

Revolutionising and innovating Dewatering Screens to reduce your downtime and costs! 

Working with our customers to develop solutions that improve their plant availability and reduce maintenance-related downtime, Multotec offers a completely modular dewatering screen range, with panels that are easy to install and change-out. This interlocking system means only worn panels need to be replaced, and not the entire dewatering screen, drastically saving you time and money.  

At Multotec, your Dewatering Screens come standard with application knowledge, industry understanding, refined engineering and field service maintenance.
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