Sampling Solutions

Sampling Solutions

Multotec is a global leader in wet and dry mineral sampling solutions. From linear and rotary samplers to cross stream and cross belt sampler applications, our solutions help plants collect representative (accurate and reproducible) samples for mining, industrial and mineral applications.

Our sampling specialists have experience in all aspects of sampling and sample preparation over an extensive range of mineral applications. This enables the selection of the correct and most cost-effective sampling system according to your application requirements.

  • Provide precise, unbiased samplers for all minerals and commodities
  • Solutions developed and aligned according to Pierre Gy’s Theory of Sampling (ToS)
  • Customised sampling solutions according to your specific plant and process parameters 
  • Suits varied mineral characteristics and properties and client’s technical and project specifications
  • Sampling solution maintenance contracts available

Sampling systems supplied as turnkey solutions based on process and technical specifications are also available.

Achieve accurate, unbiased and representative samples of your mined materials.Contact us

Our Sampling Solutions:

Wet Sampling

Wet Sampling

Achieve accurate and unbiased results with our wet sampling cross stream solutions.

Primary Dry Sampling

Primary Dry Sampling

Complete, turnkey primary dry sampling solutions for run-of-mine or product materials from one-dimensional material streams.

Ancillary Dry Sampling

Ancillary Dry Sampling

Accurate and reproducible sampling solutions via multi stage preparation systems to provide manageable composite sample sizes.

Trace Elements Sampling

Multotec Brand 2019

Sample low concentration analytes with high precision using our range of precision dry- & slurry sampling equipment.

Internationally compliant standards

All Multotec’s mineral sampling solutions are designed in line with ISO, ASTM, AS and other internationally-recognised sampling or consulting standards.

This ensures high standards of compliance, design "correctness" and provides peace of mind for our customers.

Our mineral sampling equipment includes an array of solutions that enable non-contaminative handling and management of sample quantities during the integrated mineral sampling process.

Sampling consulting service

Multotec has a designated Sampling Consulting Service that assists customers in selecting the optimum sampling solution for their application. 

  • Through our global network of sales and support branches, Multotec’s sampling specialists will assess your existing application and process requirements to ensure that an optimum sampling solution is supplied.
  • Assisting in providing a fit-for-purpose, custom-engineered system that meets the sampling requirements on individual process plants, also forms part of the consultancy service.

Sampling equipment maintenance contracts

To keep your sampling solutions running at optimum efficiency for the longest timeframes possible, Multotec offers tailored maintenance and field service contracts for our customers’ sampling operations. Multotec now offers maintenance contracts for its range of sampling equipment.     ​

The company has increased its field service workforce to extend the services rendered by Multotec’s MPE Samplers division. This means that wherever your plant may be, Multotec’s global expertise can respond to your unique sampling equipment service requirements.

With qualified sampling technicians at our branches, Multotec customers are assured of less standing time, preventative and planned maintenance and increased efficiencies.

We’re there when you need us! Multotec offers 24/7 field service maintenance.

Mineral sampling

Mineral sampling solutions from Multotec include a complete range of single- or multi-stage mechanical systems that enable you to determine the grades and qualities of your final samples with a high degree of accuracy. Our mineral sampling solutions include dry cross belt and cross stream sampling systems, and wet cross stream mineral sampling solutions for metallurgical accounting.

Industrial sampler

Industrial samplers from Multotec comprise a range of wet slurry samplers, primary dry samplers and ancillary dry samplers, offering a number of benefits derived from years of experience in all aspects of industrial samplers and sampling over an extensive range of mineral applications.

Mining sampler

As a world-leading supplier of mining samplers for dry and wet ore loads, we design and manufacture application-specific mining samplers. This ensures all particle sizes are collected across the ore stream, ensuring maximum accuracy of your ore sample in all mining operations from underground operations all the way to mill tailings. Mining samplers from Multotec include dry cross belt and cross stream sampling systems, and wet cross stream sampling systems, guaranteeing extremely representative samples in the mining industry, whether grade control, process control or metallurgical accounting applications.

Launder Cross Cut Sampler for open launder streams.

Sampler Two In One Sampler

Multotec Samplers - RAMA Animations

Rotating Cone Sampler

Multotec Samplers - Turnkey Sampling Plant

Primary Cross Stream Samplers

Samplers Rotating Tube Splitter

Rotating Plate Divider

Samplers Turnstile Divider

Multotec Samplers - Hammer Sampler

Globally trusted:

Multotec’s sampling equipment is trusted globally for long-lasting, superior performance in all applications where recommended.

Our sampling solutions are used by international mining giants across the world. Our clients range from power generation companies to the world’s biggest mining and engineering houses, with major representation on every continent.

Our process engineers understand process flow sheets and can advise knowledgeably. This means that when you purchase a sampling solution, we work actively to ensure that the equipment is seamlessly integrated into your plant.

We will also install our mineral processing equipment into existing applications and make retrofit recommendations for overall plant optimisation – that’s because when you purchase equipment from Multotec, you choose a partner who will constantly work to lower your cost per ton.

Willem Slabbert

Your Sampling Solutions Specialist

Willem Slabbert is a global specialist in mineral sampling and magnetic separation. A Multotec employee since 2012, Willem heads a global team of metallurgists and engineers at the forefront of sampling, and specialises in sampling audits and metallurgical accounting best practice.

Multotec has installed over 700 sampling systems in the last 20 years in international mining markets.
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