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Gravity Concentrators

Gravity concentrators from Multotec provide precise classifications of slurries based on particle density. Our gravity concentrators are most effective in fine heavy mineral and coal stream classifications.

Because gravity concentrators rely on gravity to generate centrifugal force down the spiral, gravity concentrators do not require electricity to operate, and do not contain moving parts. The result is a reliable, low-maintenance solution to slurry classification.

  • Compact gravity concentrator designs increase available floor space and lower footprint
  • Gravity feed slurry distributors available (up to 36 feeder pipes)
  • High wear resistance facilitates longer life with low maintenance

Our Gravity Concentrators:

Gravity Concentrators for Heavy Minerals

Our mineral gravity concentrators separate fine heavy mineral particles from 1.5 to 0.04 mm, and are ideal for iron ore, chrome, mineral sands and high density ores. Their compact nature and relatively low height provides a low footprint classification solution.

These gravity concentrators can be assembled in high-, medium- and low-grade profiles as required by your slurry quality, while splitters are adjusted to the nature of the classification as the slurry spirals down towards the launders.

Gravity Concentrators for Coal

Our coal gravity concentrators are designed for particles ranging from 0.1 to 1 mm, and are extremely effective in dealing with difficult-to-wash coals. As a result, gravity concentrators improve the efficiency of executing tougher separation applications.

Our gravity concentrators are built with fibreglass and polyurethane, providing a long, minimal-maintenance service life.

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Additional Gravity Concentrator services:

We offer test work on gravity concentrators, either as laboratory or pilot plant. We help you define the optimum gravity concentrator parameters for your requirements. Our metallurgists and engineers will gladly consult with you to achieve complete optimisation of gravity concentrators in your process flow.

We also offer full commissioning and installation support to ensure your gravity concentrators are installed according to OEM specifications.

Innovation driven by R&D:

Although gravity concentrators have always been used in mining and mineral beneficiation applications, Multotec continues to innovate and respond to our clients’ processing challenges, driving our technology forward. The optimum processing results in coal beneficiation we see in Multotec equipment today is the outcome of over 40 years of finding solutions to process more ore at a lower cost.

Our R&D programme responds to real-field challenges as well as general cutting-edge technologies so that we can constantly look for where process efficiency can be increased.

Multotec’s R&D aims to enhance Africa’s mineral beneficiation through increasing product speed to market; high levels of product consistency and reliability; for OEMs to assume the role of solution providers; and the recycling of customer’s products at the end of their working life.


Multotec products are engineered to optimise price, lifespan and efficiency of mineral beneficiation plants.
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