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Screening Media Accessories

Multotec polyurethane flood and spray nozzles are ideal for all wet screening, ore washing, medium recovery, slimes removal, conveyor belt cleaning and cooling applications.

We supply a complete range of standard, heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty nozzles, delivering flow rates of up to 40 m3/hr.

Flood Nozzle features:

  • Non-blocking orifices provide uninterrupted, reliable spray flow
  • High-quality polyurethane construction provides high corrosion and wear resistance
  • Operating pressure up to 4 bar 
  • Uniform water curtain with high operating efficiencies

With a 120° spray angle that covers a wider area of your screening media, a single Multotec flood nozzle can replace 2 or 3 conventional spray nozzles. This means a more streamlined, efficient screening system that reduces overall equipment costs and maintenance requirements.

Flood nozzles can be mounted horizontally behind the pipe spray to reduce the possibility of damage, or be mounted at any angle up to 45° to tumble material and to increase screening efficiency.

Our Flood and Spray Nozzles include:

Mafuta Extra Heavy Duty Flood Nozzles

Mafuta Flood Nozzles

The Mafuta flood nozzle delivers volumes of over 40 m3/hr, for the toughest screening applications.

Heavy Duty Flood Nozzles

Heavy Duty Flood Nozzles

Capable of flow rates of over 20 m3/hr at 4 bar, these nozzles provide spray widths up to 2 155 mm for heavy-duty applications.

Super Flood Nozzles

Super Flood Nozzles

Designed to replace conventional flood boxes, the Super Flood Nozzle provides a low-pressure, high-volume water curtain.

Multospray Nozzles

Multospray Nozzles

Fast and easy to install, Multospray nozzles are ideal in wet screening, ore washing, medium recovery, slimes removal and more.

Improve your screening efficiency with the Multotec range of flood and spray nozzles.
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