Showcasing Innovation: Installation of brighter lights at assembly points

Jerry Hlatshwayo, Assembly Supervisor at Multotec Wedge Wire division. Jerry Hlatshwayo, Assembly Supervisor of the team “Hungry Boys” (apparently, they are hungry for production) has raised 11 innovations this year, at the Wedge Wire division.

Jerry says that developing his section and improving the way the team works, is his motivation. When he started it was difficult to even think of what to improve, but after completing a few innovations, the momentum and belief within the team grew. They now tackle even more complex problems. 

These are some the innovations raised:

  1. GGV undersize mats were being produced at 303 mm instead of 305 mm. The team changed the required specifications from the supply section at preparation to achieve the overall correct size.
  2. Gaps improved between GGV panels when panels are placed together by utilising a flap wheel polisher.
  3. Use of a belt sander to polish Tema Australia panels.
  4. Implemented a square to check for off-square mats supplied.
  5. Jig for fitting handles on WW Panels and Kambalda products.
  6. New roster implemented for emptying dustbins.
  7. Inspection table for first-off quality check.
  8. Brighter lights installed for improved visibility on assembly.
  9. Changed the method of cutting slot on Kemix Screw-feeder product to prevent scrap.
  10. Warning sign on floor step to draw attention to a potential tripping hazard.
  11. Addition of a new human resource to reduce the bottleneck on finishing of product – straightening, cleaning and painting.

          Brighter lights installed for improved visibility on assembly at Multotec Wedge Wire division. Multotec Wedge Wire division installed an inspection table for first-off quality check

These innovations have come from safety walkabouts, safety near misses, or quality problems that needed to be solved.

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