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Success for new Ceradox high impact screen panel
The Ceradox panel incorporates both Hardox and alumina tiles, boasting more than double the wear life of rubber panels
08 Jul 2020

Combining decades of experience with its leading R&D and manufacturing capability, Multotec has developed a high-impact screen panel that cuts plant downtime and boosts mine productivity.

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New screen panel: Delivering optimised screening efficiency
02	The MBV does not have a steel frame and cross bracing resulting in greater vibration
24 Feb 2020

“Even the most commonly used tried and tested products, such as screen panels, have the potential for enhancements,” Multotec process engineer PJ Pieters tells Laura Cornish.

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Screening test rig – Key to our success!
Screening test rig image
27 Aug 2019

Multotec's screening test rig is a key to the company's success, providing inhouse and external services.

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Multotec trommel screen for Tronox’s Brand se Baai site
Multotec trommel screen Tronox
20 Aug 2019

Multotec replaced a trommel at Tronox’s Namakwa Sands mine at its Brand se Baai site on the West Coast.

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Multotec’s global collaboration to unlock new technology, markets
Multotec screening media
15 May 2018

A long-time screening media leader in the mining sector, Multotec’s remarkable design and manufacturing capability today allows it to share the benefits of its ongoing technology development with its Europe-based sister-companies, and unlock more value in return.

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Deck maps get the most out of screens
02 May 2017

Multotec's ‘deck map’ methodology constantly raises the bar in optimising screen output and lifespan.

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Art and science in composite deck screening
Multotec screening media
01 May 2017

Mineral screening has become as much an art as it is a science.

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Multotec improves recoveries, grades and yields
Multotec spirals improves recovery
01 Sep 2016

Northam Chrome Producers is realising improved recoveries, better grades and higher yields following the retrofit of Multotec spirals at its recovery plant.

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Select screen media to optimise processes
Multotec screening media
01 Jun 2016

Asset optimisation is the primary objective across all mining houses, however the translation of what this means is different depending on the commodity, the mining process and the level at which decisions are made.

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Increasing efficiencies in screening with customised solutions
Multotec Screening Solutions
01 Nov 2015

The ability to stay abreast of technological changes and implement smarter more cost-effective ways of screening is a big differentiator for Multotec.

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Multotec's Hawkeye® lowers screen panel costs
Multotec Hawkeye®
08 Jul 2015

Multotec is playing an important role in helping its customers to improve the throughput and efficiencies of beneficiation circuits.

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Multotec grows its screen panel brand through collaboration with strategic partners
Multotec Screening Media
09 Jun 2015

Multotec's aim is to become the leading screening media technology solutions provider for the global minerals processing industry within the next decade.

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Collaboration and innovation drive sustainability for Multotec
Multotec screening media
01 May 2015

Growth and innovation in a depressed market flies in the face of convention.

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Multotec punts preventative maintenance for longevity of trommel screens
Preventative maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity of trommel screens.
15 Apr 2015

Trommel screens from Multotec offer preventative maintenance plans that ensure the longevity of the screening operation.

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Multotec is the global leader in trommel screen design & manufacture
Multotec Trommel Screens
15 Jan 2015

Multotec is the global leader in trommel screen design and manufacture and has been supplying the market for more than 20 years, screening product manager Anthony Yell asserts.

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Multotec meets market demand with a broad range of centrifuges suitable for any application
Multotec and Siebtechnik centrifuges
01 Jul 2014

Multotec offers a range of centrifuges that includes both filtration (pusher, vibrating and Conturbex®) and sedimentation (conventional decanter) types, suitable for a multitude of applications.

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Multotec accelerates its R&D activities across several focus areas
Multotec R&D
01 Apr 2014

Multotec is accelerating its R&D programmes across several focus areas.

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Technology allows Multotec to offer a host of heavy and light duty rubber screen panel solutions
14 Mar 2014

Since the commissioning of its rubber injection moulding and compression moulding machines, Multotec has been able to offer a host of solutions relating to the production of heavy and light duty rubber screen panels in all shapes and forms.

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Multotec aims to become leading global screen media solutions provider
multotec screening media
19 Feb 2014

Building on a platform of robust growth in the African market that has positioned it as the market leader, Multotec is now focusing on replicating its local successes to become the leading screening media solutions provider in the international arena.

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High-Alumina ceramic nozzles increase productivity
Multotec High-Alumina Ceramic Nozzles
15 Jan 2014

The high costs associated with wear and chemical corrosion of industrial equipment are apparent in decreased productivity and increased maintenance.

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