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Centrifugal Filter

Multotec supplies the SIEBTECHNIK TEMA range of screen scroll, pusher, sliding and vibrating filtering centrifuges. Continuous operation, efficient solid liquid separation and solids washing are the hallmarks of our centrifugal filter range.

Ideal for filtering fine solids and rough granules to gas-tight processes and hygienic applications, the SIEBTECHNIK TEMA range of centrifugal filters are manufactured under licence by Multotec, or imported from Germany.

Applications that benefit most from these centrifuge machines are those used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries; and the coal, salt and sand markets.

Providing a reliable function for closed processes in extremely confined spaces, these centrifuges include the following features:

  • Long service life – up to 8 700 hrs/year
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • High machine availability
  • Gas-tight & explosion-proof
  • Low specific costs


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CONTURBEX Screen Scroll Centrifuge

Our classification cyclone separator range is used across the world in density separation applications.

Optimum centre of gravity produces vibration-free & economically efficient operation with high throughput rates.

SHS Pusher Centrifuge

Cast Iron Dense Medium Cyclone

Ideal for crystalline applications, guaranteeing low residual moisture, high solids yield & outstanding washing efficiency.

TURBOCASCADE Sliding Centrfiuge

Tailings Dam Cyclone

Used mainly for dewatering of granulate-like particles, this centrifuge achieves end-moisture levels of up to 0.05%.

HSG Vibrating Centrifuge

Cyclone Distributors

Fully automatic and self-regulating, the HSG range continuously dewaters the largest quantities of solid material.


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Centrifugal filter applications

This range of filtering centrifuges are typically used in applications to process:

  • Ammonium sulphate
  • Ammonium chloride  
  • Nickel(II) sulfate 
  • Nylon 6
  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) 
  • Special polymers 
  • Thermoplastic polymer pellets
  • Compound pellets
  • Cement sand
  • Potassium bicarbonate
  • Coal
  • Sodium sulphate
  • Glaubers salt
  • Sodium nitrate
  • Lead nitrate
  • Mixed salts
  • Sodium chloride
  • Potassium chloride


Performance & operational characteristics

CONTURBEX Screen Scroll Centrifuge

Separating solid matter from suspensions across an enormous range of applications, with both high and low feed concentrations, the CONTURBEX Screen Scroll Centrifuge has a unique functional principle. It performs its tasks through the principle of pre-accelerated suspension feed to the screening device, and combines it with homogenous distribution using a scroll.

The solid material is conveyed via the scroll rotating at a different speed from the bowl. Solid and liquid are conveyed into separate housing sections, and mother liquor and washing liquid can be drained away separately from each other. 

The automatic transfer of product from the screening device during run-down ensures the start up of the machine without manual cleaning. A CIP system ensures the cleaning of the internal wetted components without operator intervention.

SHS Pusher Centrifuge

Long dwell times, slight solids loss in the filtrate, low grain breakage /abrasion, intensive washing of solids cakes, wear minimisation are the qualities attributed to the SHS Pusher Centrifuge. It achieves this through individual design variants that perform complex separating tasks. Many applications use the cylindrical-conical (ZK) design which releases the trapped liquid inside the filter cake and reduces the energy required to transport the solids to the discharge. The patented filling system and ring pocket ensures gentle acceleration and uniform distribution of feed with reduced abrasion in the feed zone.

TURBOSCADE Sliding Centrifuge

When solid particles slide through the stepped screen basket, the resultant stress on the polymer granulate is low, as is product abrasion.  This advantage is acquired through a special material guidance system and the OPTIMA screening devices.

The centrifuge provides intensive separation and a very low residual moisture level is achieved through mechanical separation.

HSG Vibrating Centrifuge

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA’s best performing centrifuge with regards to solids material throughput. This vibrating centrifuge is ideal for coarse-grained or otherwise easy-to-dewater mass materials, like washed coal, middlings or washed smalls in mineral coal processing. It is also suited for solution and washing residues in potash processing, sea salt and concrete sand, among others.

Vibration is excited by contra-rotatory unbalance masses in the resonance range slightly below natural frequency. This guarantees very stable vibration characteristics for excitation, even with a low output requirement.

View the SLS Centrifuge Screen Scroll in action.

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