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Ceramic Wear Tiles

Ceramic wear resistant tiles form part of Multotec’s range of engineered ceramic solutions. This range of wear solutions provides high-levels equipment protection from material abuses, extending the life of mineral processing equipment in mining, mineral extraction and power generation applications. 

Multotec’s wear-resistant ceramic tiles can be cut into any shape and are easy to install and maintain. They are suitable for both wet and dry processing applications. Advanced ceramics combine high strength and toughness with extreme hardness to deliver exceptional wear resistance.

Ceramic wear-resistant tiles are pressed with chamfered sides and cut precisely to the required shape, ensuring that gaps between the ceramic wear-resistant tiles are minimised and tile wear is reduced as chipping is eliminated.

Benefits of Ceramic Wear-Resistant Tiles:

  • Zero friction against minerals
  • The highest protection against abrasion and corrosion
  • Wear protection up to 400°C
  • Longer life than traditional wear protection
  • Reduce downtime and maximise your plant’s productivity

Called “the material of the future”, alumina ceramics is one of the hardest of all natural substances. Even under extremely abrasive conditions, no material can compete with its extreme hardness and wear resistance. It has exceptional chemical, mechanical, thermal and electrical insulation properties and can be formed into any shape or size with various qualities for specific applications. 

We engineer our wear lining solutions to meet customer specific requirements. Our solutions are customised for your application parameters: types of abrasion, system and equipment design, operating temperatures and materials.

Our efficient production methods, latest technology and strict quality control make Multotec’s dry pressed high alumina ceramic the wear-resistant material of choice for original equipment manufacturers and industry.

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Advantages of Wear Resistant Ceramic Tiles:

Wear-resistant ceramic tiles are 12 times more wear-resistant than carbon steel. They prevent erosion and abrasive wear in conveying and bulk material handling systems, as well as in piping systems. Our wear-resistant ceramic tiles are able to withstand increased amounts of wear and abrasion and are specifically designed to mitigate the harshest wear issues in the extraction and processing chain.

Green Dot Ceramic Wear Tiles:

Multotec’s Green Dot Tiles feature an integrated wear indicator embedded between the ceramic tiles sections. Multotec Wear Linings is the only ceramic wear tile manufacturer in the world to offer this feature. These wear tiles feature a two-tone insert in the centre of the tile. The green portion of the insert wears down over time to reveal a red layer, indicating that only ¼ of the tile thickness remains and that the lining is due for replacement.

RubCer Composite Wear Products:

Our RubCer composite wear linings offer exceptional wear resistance coupled with the added benefit of impact resistance. This range of wear products features ceramic wear tiles embedded in a rubber foundation. These ceramic wear tiles can be cylpeb, block or hex tile shaped, and provide a wear- and cut-resistant material lining, while the elasticity of the rubber foundation dampens and absorbs impacts produced by the processed medium.

Advantages of RubCer ceramic wear tiles:

  • An extremely hard ceramic surface
  • Provide exceptional resistance to wear and cutting,
  • Dampened impact forces to protect the ceramic wear tiles

The use of Multotec RubCer ceramic wear tiles extends the time between replacements of the wear panels. This minimises downtime and makes these tiles extremely cost-effective.

Benefits of Wear-Resistant Ceramic Tiles in classification cyclones:

The use of wear-resistant ceramic tiles in our high-capacity range of classification cyclones prevents lining failure and maximises the lifecycle of the cyclone itself. Each ceramic wear tile is specifically designed for, and allocated, a place in the cyclone.

Multotec cyclone components are interchangeable, resulting in cost-savings where only the worn component is replaced and components can be changed to alter cyclone performance and to accommodate changes in plant operation.

Multotec quick fit panels are preassembled ceramic wear panels that incorporate the Red Dot Tile for wear monitoring, enabling reduced maintenance time and simplified stockholding.

Ceramic wear resistant tiles from Multotec are the most cost-effective form of liner for high wear applications.
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