Industrial Centrifuges

Multotec industrial centrifuging equipment and decanters, used in many dewatering and classifying applications in the global mineral processing industry, achieve accurate solid/liquid separation for a range of industries. Sourced from Siebtechnik Tema, they are an economical and efficient solution for dewatering large quantities of solids to low final moistures - while needing little space, energy or residence time.

They are ideally suited for use with a wide range of minerals, chemicals, food and ZLD applications such as coal, copper, various salts, mineral tailings, mineral products, polymers, fry oil, vitamins, lactose, and effluent ZLD, among others.

The Siebtechnik Tema industrial centrifuges are compact units requiring little space. This makes them ideal for small operating areas. In addition, they:

  • Are designed to increase separation efficiency for all particle sizes
  • Reduce waste and enhance discharge quality
  • Have excellent wear resistance
  • Use the latest automation solutions & instrumentation to improve operating reliability
  • Are manufactured by internationally-recognised industrial centrifuge specialists
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Our Industrial Centrifuges and Decanters

Industrial Decanter Centrifuge

Industrial Decanter Centrifuge

High-performance Siebtechnik industrial decanter centrifuges that reduce waste and increase performance.

Conturbex Screen Scroll Centrifuge

Conturbex screen scroll centrifuge

The Conturbex screen scroll centrifuge revolutionises solid/liquid separation with its unique scrolled designs.

Vibrating Screen Centrifuge

Vibrating Screen Centrifuge

Multotec supplies the wear-resistant Siebtechnik vibrating screen centrifuge to all coal dewatering applications.

Pusher Centrifuge

Pusher Centrifuge

Multotec supplies the Siebtechnik pusher centrifuge for low solids loss for very fine solids separation.

Conthick Centrifuge

Conthick Centrifuge

The Siebtechnik Conthick centrifuge combines pre-thickening with accurate solid/liquid separation.

Turbo Screen Decanters

Turbo Screen Decanter

Siebtechnik Turbo Screen decanter centrifuge is designed for high-performance solid/liquid separation.

Twin Cone Decanters

Twin Cone Decanters

The Siebtechnik twin Cone decanter is for high-performance, isolated clarification and drying of fine-grained solids.

Short Bowl Decanters

Short Bowl Decanters

Siebtechnik short bowl decanters for maximum control of fine solid separation in all dewatering applications.

Centriflex Laboratory Centrifuge

The Siebtechnik Centriflex laboratory centrifuge is ideal for separating solid/liquid mixtures with high centrifugal forces.

Turbo Cascade Sliding Centrifuge

Turbo Cascade Sliding Centrifuge

The Siebtechnik Turbo Cascade Sliding Centrifuge is for dewatering coarse, uniform solids with no blinding.

Coal Centrifuges

Coal Centrifuges

Range of coal centrifuges with basket diameters 800 to 1 650 mm including vibrating and screen scroll centrifuges.

CENTRILAB Laboratory Centrifuge


CENTRILAB simulates almost any type of centrifuge, testing the separability of suspension in the centrifugal field. Find out more.

Pusher Centrifuge
Conthick Centrifuge
Centriflex laboratory centrifuges
Turbo Cascade Sliding Centrifuge
Decanter Centrifuge
HSG Vibrating Centrifuge
Short Bowl Decanter Centrifuge
SHS Pusher Centrifuge
Conturbex screen scroll centrifuge
Industrial Decanter Centrifuge
Coal Centrifuges
Industrial Centrifuges
Industrial Decanter Centrifuge
Industrial Decanter Centrifuge

Industrial Centrifuges tailored to your specifications

Multotec has extensive process knowledge enabling them to identify which industrial centrifuging equipment can optimise specific separation requirements. Selecting the correct industrial centrifuge significantly reduces the cost of thermal drying, and Multotec’s experts will guide you in this process.

We assess your process design and throughput to tailor your industrial centrifuge to optimum specifications. The compact nature of these Siebtechnik Tema centrifuges means they are easy to install, for both retrofit projects and Greenfield developments.

Our industrial centrifuging products:

  • recover valuable minerals from slurries
  • help plants reduce their waste
  • improve the quality of discharged contents 
  • reduce their environmental footprint

View the SLS Centrifuge Screen Scroll in action.

Benefits of centrifugation in mineral processing

  • Reduced thermal drying and other processing costs
  • Increased separation efficiency for particles of all sizes
  • Compact design facilitates use in small operating areas
  • Reduces waste with optimised separation
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Centrifugal decanters from Multotec

Centrifugal decanters from Multotec are available in 3 distinct, application-specific types and come with international service and support.


TS Decanter Centrifuge: : typically used in gas-tight process systems

  • High degree of reliability
  • Closed process housing
  • Proven sealing design

This decanter separator features a proven sealing design.


DZ Decanter Centrifuge: supplied in an open process, vapour-tight and gas-tight design

  • 2-piece product housing sealed with chamber rings
  • Rotating part geometry designed specifically for separation equipment
  • Machines with bowl diameters > 1 000 mm are standardn

This centrifuge features a gas-tigh design, making it effective in filtration and centrifugation applications.


DZS Screen Decanter Centrifuge: combination of a solid bowl decanting centrifuge and screen scroll centrifuge

  • exceptional dewatering results
  • ideal for crystalline and granular products

The decanter centrifuge is considered the most versatile centrifuge type of all the machines operating on the centrifugal principle. It also has the most overall market share in the world.

This large market share can be attributed to the required legislation around the world that pertains to reduced waste content in effluent. The mineral processing industry’s requirements for maximum production plant efficiency have also contributed to the decanter centrifuge’s large footprint.



This decanter centrifuge offers exceptional dewatering results in centrifugation filtration applications.

Choose a process partner who will constantly work to lower your cost per ton.

Our centrifuging equipment has a long-standing track record

The Siebtechnik Tema screen sroll centrifuge and vibrating screen centrifuge are the 2 longest standing centrifuges offered by Multotec.

The first Siebtechnik Tema vertical screen scroll centrifuge for industrial applications was developed in 1938, and the first horizontal centrifuge developed in 1954 with the name CONTURBEX. Today there are thousands of these centrifugal screening machines in use worldwide.

The Siebtechnik Tema vibrating screen centrifuges have been successfully used for dewatering coal since 1965 and are reliable coarse coal centrifuges.


Offering different types of centrifuge, Multotec is a leader in mineral processing solutions.

Centrifuge Screen Scroll

CX Screen Scroll Centrifuge

  • Consists of less than 20 main components
  • Planetary gearbox used for extra torque
  • Dual drive pulley system
  • Drive motor and oil tank outside main frame
  • Choice of bottom or side liquid discharge
  • No cantilever effect

HSG Vibrating Screen Centrifuge

  • Polyurethane door with inspection cover
  • Easily replaceable ceramic modular panels
  • Special tool for easy cage removal
  • Improved stabilising system
  • Beat wear lining protects steel feed pipe
  • Maintenance-friendly safety guard



Watch how Multotec’s SLS vibrating centrifuging solution works.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an industrial centrifuge?

This is a piece of equipment that’s designed to create mass rotation and intense centrifugal force, usually to enable fluid separation.

Multotec’s industrial centrifuging solutions include the complete Siebtechnik Tema range, ideally suited for separation of a wide range of minerals and ores.

What is an industry that uses centrifuging?

The mineral processing industry uses industrial centrifuging in solid/liquid separation.

For over 50 years, Multotec has provided the mineral processing industry with products and solutions to optimise recoveries, including a wide range of centrifuging solutions.

What is an example of centrifuging?

The separation of ore from liquids and waste materials, in mineral processing, is an example of centrifuging. Multotec’s centrifugal decanters separate sediment from liquids, in a suspension.

International mining houses such as Glencore Xstrata, Anglo Coal, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto use Multotec equipment to reduce running costs and optimise plant performance.
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