Pusher Centrifuge

Multotec supplies Siebtechnik pusher centrifugres in 13 sizes with drum diameters ranging from 250 mm to 1 200 mm, depending on the process and production rates.

They reliably and efficiently separate solids and liquids in numerous applications for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, and can be designed with one-, two- or three-stage rotating parts based on the application and filtration rate.

Our Pusher Centrifuges are characterised by: 

  • long retention times,
  • low solids loss in the filtrate,
  • low crystal breakage and abrasion, and
  • intensive solids wash, and minimal wear in abrasive and corrosive applications. 
Enhance your mineral processing efficiency with Multotec.

Multotec's Pusher Centrifuges have the following features:

  • Suited for very fine solids’ separation
  • Slow solids transport speed
  • Thick, dense filter cake (internal filtration)
  • No mechanical stress from transport elements, patented filling system
  • Direct spray of the washing medium onto the cake
  • Low transport speed, wedge wire screen in the direction of transportation
  • Wear resistant materials of construction
  • Patented filling system
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Expertly designed for long-lasting performance

The Pusher centrifuge belongs to a group of continuously working filtration centrifuges. The solids are retained as a cake on the wedge wire basket and transported by an oscillating step-by-step movement of the inner basket axially in the direction of the solids discharge. With the pusher centrifuge, the transport speed of the solids on the wedge wire basket is slower than with a screen scroll centrifuge.

This results in a longer retention time of the material allowing increased wash efficiency and lower discharge moistures. The size of the separated solid particles is preferably greater than 80 μm. The thick, dense filter cake ensures a good yield of even very fine solids.

Both factors, long retention time and dense filter cake, allow additional dewatering of solids with high fines content coming from other types of filters, e.g. filter press or belt filters.

Multotec products are engineered to optimise costs, lifespan and efficiency of mineral beneficiation plants.
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