Short Bowl Decanters

Multotec supplies the short bowl decanter from Siebtechnik with a single bearing overhung design for all dewatering applications.

Advantageously, the rotating parts of this solid bowl centrifuge are supported at one end only. The centrifuge rotor ends just beyond the dividing wall of the solids housing ensuring a free and unimpeded discharge of solids from the product housing. This construction enables excellent accessibility to the rotating parts for inspection and maintenance.

Features of the Short Bowl Decanter:

  • Cost-effective construction
  • No shaft in the product solids area
  • Uncomplicated sealing for gas-tight operation
  • Easily accessible
  • Simple to clean
  • Identical support as Conturbex Screen Scroll Centrifuge and Conthick Centrifuge
  • Complete separation between drive and product
  • Optical control of product discharge
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  • The Short Bowl can separate fine solids if the specific density difference is great when compared to the carrier liquid.
  • It is also used for solids of adequate particle size and settling rate within the available residence time in the machine.
  • The short design has been used successfully for classification of some solids also.

The process

To separate the solids from the liquid, the suspension is fed via the inlet pipe into the feed cone of the scroll body. From there the slurry passes through openings to the centrifuge bowl where it is accelerated to the rotational speed of the machine. Under centrifugal forces, the solids form sediment on the inside surface of the bowl and are transported to the discharge end of the conical area by the scroll.

The filling volume in the cylindrical part of the bowl and the length of the drying area in the conical part is set via an adjustable weir disc.

Determining the correct ratio

The correct ratio of the clarification and drying areas are product and application specific. These must be determined with preliminary testing and operation. This design is especially useful for food products which require thorough equipment cleaning (CIP available), high-temperature work or with pressure-tight processes.

Multotec products are engineered to optimise costs, lifespan and efficiency of mineral beneficiation plants.
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