Turbo Screen Decanters

The turbo screen decanter from Multotec is one of the most advanced developments in solid/liquid separating technology. It has significant design and process advantages over "standard" centrifuge designs. By combining the advantages of the solid bowl centrifuge and the screen centrifuge in two distinct stages, to optimum effect.

Whereas in typical screen bowl centrifuges, the screen section connects to the drum cone at the point of its smallest diameter with identical dimensions. This design has the disadvantage of a restricted volume and consequently a higher solids layer, with reduced centrifugal forces particularly in the dewatering section of the centrifuge.

The Turbo Screen Decanter offers the following features:

  • Best possible dewatering at higher G force
  • Clarifying and drying in two separately designed stages
  • No detrimental compromise between clarifying and drying sections
  • High yields with minimum loss of solids and recirculation of the separated liquid
  • Pre-thickening of the solid material with following break-up of the cake over the end of conical drum plate to a large screen section
  • Optimum removal of residual moisture from the pre-thickened solids cake in the large volume screen drum, due to the higher centrifugal force when compared with the clarifying section
Enhance your mineral processing efficiency with Multotec.

Engineered for high-performance solid/liquid separation

The Turbo screen works in two stages and optimally combines the advantages of the solid bowl centrifuge as well as a screening centrifuge.

In the first stage, the solids are dewatered on the conical part of the solid bowl section. The filling volume of the bowl and the length of the drying incline are adjustable with the weir plate in this section. The clarified liquid is decanted over this weir disc.

The pre-thickened solids are moved over the end of the conical section into the significantly larger screen drum. In this second stage, the solids cake is broken up and redistributed to yield a thinner layer of material due to the larger volume available.

Since only a relatively small amount of liquid reaches the screen part with the pre-thickened solids, the amount of the fines loss through the screen is low and can be disregarded when recirculated into the centrifuge with the feed.

Multotec products are engineered to optimise costs, lifespan and efficiency of mineral beneficiation plants.
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